"Where is Doovwah Wally?!?"

I admit I record Bo’s show on my iPhone and listen to the replay almost every weekday. Doing it this way allows me to fast forward through less interesting segments, and get right to segments with Clay or Dudley or an interesting interview. I usually DON’T listen to call-in segments…unless Clay or Dudley are there. But yesterday how could I escape that…um…person?..that called in and demanded to know where Doovwah Wally was last week (Sir!).

My only question is…is he an actual person? Bo and Clay beat that around. I say he has to be real. No one, not a single great actor that I can think of could pull off this guy.

Anyway…I will say I do hope DEVWAH gets his pass blocking schemes down soon. We need Devwah and TJ Hammonds getting carries. They have the breakaway capabilities we lack right now.

“Where’s Doovwah Wally!? Sir!”

Someone tweeted Bo yesterday and said they thought that guy had to be a Marine. He yells and says “sir” every third word. :lol:

Maybe so! Though I hate to drag down the Marine Corps by associating them with this dude. Maybe Marine wanna-be’s? I see this guy sitting outside his shack somewhere with an old picture of Lighthorse Harry Jones, a bottle of moonshine, a bb gun, and an old VCR with North and South running on a loop. :lol: :lol: :lol:

what app do you use to record it?

and he is also responsible for using the word notrocious

He’s real and he marches to his own beat

love Notrocious

Lighthorse Harry Harry Jones. Where is he? We need him. :o

I use Tunein Radio Pro. It costs less than $5. Its great. I listen to English, Irish and Arkansas radio. Anywhere. For people my age…that’s a little mind-blowing.

Bo played a clip from that guy at the NWA TD club on Wednesday. He was a hoot. When Dari Nowkhah began his talk, he was just shaking his head.