Where is Clay? Nothing written lately.

Miss your insight and perspective. Hope things are well.

I’ve seen some posts on facebook that looks like he’s out west.

Clay is on vacation.

Matt, while we are talking about staff writers, can you explain why Wally keeps submitting articles for publication talking future tense predictions about events, games, and series that have already been played and decided? And second, why are they hung on the site as a featured article knowing the content is routinely badly and obviously dated. That would be like me writing an article predicting the outcome of the Derby a week after it was run.

I’m just back from my Montana fly fishing vacation. The dates were picked in January. I don’t usually disappear in June, but it was complicated this year because some dates in July were booked or some members of our travel party couldn’t go some dates when I could.

Only time for all six of us to go was second week in June. I knew it might fall into the CWS, but there was nothing we could really do about it. I knew this team was good, but the advance billing wasn’t as good as some other teams that had failed to make the CWS. I was headed to Omaha this week but the team didn’t make it past two games.