Where is Clay Henry insight?

Is he on vacation or is there something going on with the transition from scout to here?

Clay is on vacation.

And will be though the end of next week.

Then he hunkers down for the year.

This is the time of year in which we all try to use up as much vacation as we can. It’s hard to plan anything for June because baseball seems to play well into the postseason every few years and football begins the first week of August. There isn’t a lot of time for trips outside of July.

All of our vacations were pushed back even a little more this year because of the date of the merger.

Is he on the trail with Jim Daniel in Colorado?

Sounds good. Thx.

I live in Littleton, CO and would love to meet up with Clay and Jim some time.

Or he could be landing a few big browns on the White River. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking he has his fishing hat on as well.

Taking my last week in August. Because of camps and events throughout the year there are small windows for vacation time. The wives get very frustrated by this, but part of the business.

COHOG - Be glad to meet you. Just let me know.

Clay is not here right now, but I did hear from him so I know he has been catching some fish. Hope to see him soon.

Did I mention i’m going to Spain?

But that’s an, uh, workcation

Ten thousand tiny violins playing sad music for your work trip to Spain, Duds.

Spain is awesome, Dudley. Very hot in summer, but casual, and beer is served very cold, if you imbibe. Be sure to hit some tapas bars. Buen viaje.

…it is one of my favorite foods of all time. They throw rice, spices, and whatever they got (seafood on the coast or lamb/goat/chicken in the mountains) into a shallow pan over an open wood fire and cook it until the rice and spices crust up on the bottom. It is amazing. When I am in Dallas to see the grandkids, I love going to Cafe Madrid for Paella. Haven’t found it served anywhere in Arkansas. If you don’t already know about it, you can thank me later. :smiley:

Will do

Gage makes that and does it very well. It’s a long process and I’ve watched him. It melts in your mouth. He didn’t make it on my trip to Colorado this time, but he did cook some stuff on his Green Egg that was fantastic.

Anything Gage makes is done well.

I always take two weeks in July. It’s one of the few windows I can get. I didn’t take much earlier in the summer as we were working on the transition to the new site. Lots of meetings. Lots of work. Lots of fun. But it did mean I was locked in as far as the vacation window for the middle two weeks of July. I left behind good help to carry on with the new site and I’m pleased with the results.