Where is AD Long on his program recruiting plan?

I have been told by some recent players that they were so happy they agreed to come on a recruiting visit to see the UofA with their own eyes. Other schools paint a pretty bleak picture of the UofA and many kids are narrow minded enough to believe it. We need a marketing campaign to show how nice it is in Arkansas and post it on the UofA athletics website.

We need to show that our past is in the past, because our competition is telling recruits terrible things to create a negative image of Arkansas. Our Admin sucks at developing marketing and advertising tools to combat our competitors. Our image is not good, so we need to show that the whole state has things to be proud of yet we still need to improve. Our state and Fayetteville have landed on some good magazine lists that need to be AGGRESSIVELY marketed and emphasized. We need to show new improvements across the state and in Little Rock, Clinton Library, Heifer Int’l, River Market and new downtown developments.

If a recruit says that he had heard bad things about Arkansas, then I would love for our coaches to be able to send a link to a video page on our website that has various videos and positive rankings for Degree programs, Quality of Life, Jobs, Economic Growth, Hi tech, etc. from Magazines like Forbes, Money, US News and World Report, etc. A smart recruit would think, “do I listen to the Coach at A&M, OM, LSU, etc or do I watch a video with real visual proof and quotes from major magazines saying good things?”

In the world of drone video our AD should be commissioning videos of Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Eureka Springs, etc. They should have video segments about Wal-Mart, Tyson, JB Hunt, Crystal Bridges, AMP and recent musical acts, Beaver Lake, etc. They should have video segments about the national ranking by Magazines of All Arkansas cities for standard of living and job growth. They should do a video segment about the rest of the state and Little Rock, River Market, Clinton Library, Heiffer, Dillards, Stephens, etc.

Our Admin needs to use the new drone video options that are so cost effective. We need to remind people that there is something in the water here since we have homegrown giants in Wal-Mart, Tyson, JB Hunt, Stephens, Dillards, etc. I would think that the Chambers of Commerce in NWA and Central Arkansas would be happy to supplement funding for the UofA to create tools they can use too.

Yes yes. Great post. All of this and much more need go into an Administration plan of attack to give our program all chances to compete at the top.

We all know the problem and for far too long it seems we hope for a solution that never comes but hope is no strategy.

This is a systemic problem and an AD must lead the way out and show innovation and put new R and D into product and not sit back and say to his coach, well you go figure it out. Or just simply say, well we are what we are and we only have a few d 1 players a year in state, broken record etc.

When shareholders ask the CEO why a systemic problem is never fixed and he answers, go ask my managers, how is that acceptable?

We all know recruiting is the issue. Has been for years.

Time for all hands on deck.

Red Alert Red Alert.

I’m just baffled that you think Arkansas’ admin just has one web page to highlight its school.

How in the world then has the student population here gone from 16,794 in 2010 to its current number of 26,754?

This Arkansas coaching staff - which no one is arguing that does need to recruit better - does more than any staff I have been around in 30-plus years in sending out material designed to highlight the school and the program.

Jeff Long and the rest of the UA administration gives all these sports whatever they need in terms of resources to recruit.

They also do their part to make sure they highlight the educational and social advantages the U of A has to recruits.

Now you can certainly say that the coaches are not getting it done to a level that you want, but I just think you are barking up the wrong tree if you think the admin isn’t doing its part.

Thanks. Maybe I’m being too hard on the AD.

Recruiting disadvantages are systemic and certainly pre date his Administration.

certainly they are supportive in resources and energy to help overcome recruiting disadvantages.

Sometimes despite efforts, results escape companies.

Most successful companies take inventory of deficiencies and determine if new plans are necessary.

I thought you said it very well that there is a difference between recruiting hard and recruiting well.

No doubt our coaches recruit well and I would bet our coaches put more time into it than Alabama and many of the bigs.

Unfortunately, we don’t sit on talent like others.

If we all acknowledge deficiencies in recruiting vs the bigs over the years, I can’t help but wonder if to achieve parody if Arkansas need spend twice as much on marketing or any other legal resources to overcome.

In my opinion to overcome what appears a systemic deficiency for years, it requires an innovative plan and large scale plan beyond what any coaching staff may be capable.

This is where I have been hopeful for a comprehensive plan to overcome and make Arkansas a big.

I believe we can do this, but it may take some different management thinking, spending more than some think we should, and trying all possible within the law.

I’m so convinced we can overcome just like thousands of businesses every day that innovate to win.

This is a very good post. So much better than the typical “We have to recruit better.” posts.

We definitely need to recruit better. But, I also think that if and when we do, (or when we have done it) it won’t (and hasn’t been) necessarily be reflected in the rankings (sorta like the Knile Davis class that, when re-ranked was considered Top 10 based on college production).

But, you’re spot on. Aside from paying players like OM is, we are going to have to be creative in order to recruit better and win.

Once we win, more recruiting doors will open.

That’s why I laugh when people complain and take shots at Bielema for different things he tries to do to brand himself and the program to help recruiting (the Uncommon stuff, Being Bret Bielema etc).

People want Bama results. We don’t have the Bama history and now the Bama brand and recent and long term dominance to simply pick and choose.

That mostly shows itself in depth. They have recruiting missed and injuries but they can just plug in 4 stars when they lose a few players at one position.

We aren’t likely to ever have that depth. Our best bet is to have a very solid 2-deep and win when we get the chance to make hay and the stars align.

That’s discouraging but I think it’s also realistic.

LOL!! You are out of your mind if you think teenagers around the country give a crap about the Clinton Library and the Little Rock river market. Also nobody is impressed with our seven Fortune 500 companies in state. Most states have, brace yourself, way more! Our out of touch fanbase and generally uneducated population is to blame for our reputation more than anything. Maybe we could do more for our state’s reputation and recruiting if we cared about our education system as much as our football program, or if we measured our economic success by any other measure than the Walton family’s personal wealth. Funny how our University’s education national ranking is way worse than our football ranking, and nobody is crying about how we need a marketing profile of Bentonville town square to change that poll. Hahaha get a grip

The University of Arkansas does send out stuff about the state of Arkansas.

But rarely does that play into things.

Omg I just realized this post is three pages deep and each comment is more out of touch than the last. If y’all really want to improve football recruiting so dang bad, just legalize weed. You think Colorado improved their football program with marketing brochures?!? Smh

Many will laugh this off, but I suspect you are very much on to something.

I am intrigued by the number of people that feel like we are doing just fine in recruiting support. It is odd that very few act as if “maybe” we should consider combat marketing against our competitors that are trying to damage our brand and image. So everything is just fine with kids that won’t even consider us because of the lies? You don’t think it would be smart to have light engagement tool that allows prospects to see our area for themselves?

Hey Dogen, I also laugh about your statement that all the other states have more to brag about- Please tell me what Oklahoma, Lousiana, Mississippi and Missouri have besides some bigger cities, oil or petro chemical. Kansas City is nice enough but St. Louis is bleeding. Springfield and branson are neon blue hair magnets. Oklahoma? Jeez I won’t even bother. Louisiana? Cajun food can only carry you so far. Mississippi? Jeez there is a trend here…

Dogen you also said kids don’t care about our Fortune 500 companies or things like the Clinton Library? Hmmm. If you are one of the 95% of the players that does not go to the NFL then you need a JOB. Arkansas is rated very highly for Fortune 500 companies per capita and this map shows we are quite impressive compared to our neighbors. <LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.geolounge.com/fortune-500-l … -for-2015/”>https://www.geolounge.com/fortune-500-list-by-state-for-2015/</LINK_TEXT>

Jeez we have the Biggest retailer in the world that has also been the largest Company in the world depending on oil prices. We have the largest protein company, largest Trucking company, etc.

Dudley and Richard can address this more authoritatively than I can, but what I keep hearing is that if we can get a kid to visit and actually see NWA/Fayetteville/campus/facilities, we have a darn good chance to land him. The problem, then, is getting those visits. I’m sure coaches recruiting against BB, and MA and DVH and every other coach we have, are using versions of the Lou Holtz line: “Fayetteville isn’t the end of the world but you can see it from there.” (I’m not sure Lou shouldn’t have been fired immediately when he said that; he instantly sabotaged his own recruiting for the rest of his Arkansas tenure. Then again, Lou seemed to be more interested in giving banquet speeches at $25,000 a pop than in sitting in a kid’s living room anyway.)

Our disadvantages are not going to be fixed until we figure out how to get Arkansas high schools to turn out more than 6-8 SEC-level players a year. The population growth of NWA is helping; the players we used to sign from Central and Parkview now come from Fayetteville and Har-Ber. But on a per capita basis, Arkansas does not produce much high level talent. In the good years, we benefit. Remember that the '06 West champs included DMac and Jamaal Anderson from LR, both future first round draft picks, as well as an in-state WR who went on to the NFL whose name I will no longer mention, and Damian Williams, who went on to the NFL as well after transferring out. All in-state kids.

“Also nobody is impressed with our seven Fortune 500 companies in state. Most states have, brace yourself, way more!”

I gave you a link the post before this, but here are the cliffs notes for ya
Arkansas 7 fortune 500 with 2.9 Million
Alabama 1 4.8 M
MS 0 2.99 m
LA 2 4.6 m
OK 5 3.9 m
KS 3 2.9 m
TN 11 6.6 M
KY 5 4.4 M
MO 10 6.0 M
FL 15 20.1 M

Dogen you are not very informed at all.

When Lou made that statement, people were flying in and out of Drake Field. Certainly not the same now. A previous poster mentioned Ole Miss’ proximity to Memphis. I’ve made that drive and it’s very rural. I fly into Birmingham and drive all over Alabama. Like I’ve said before, there are very few cities that are easy to get in and out of in the SEC from a flight perspective. It’s either going to mean a connecting flight or a good couple of hour drive from an airport.

I don’t see Arkansas getting to the point of developing a lot of D1 talent. There are a lot of reasons why and we’ve kicked quite a few of them around. So to that end, UA admin/coaches are going to have develop an outside the box approach to overcome the “geographic disadvantages”.

Obviously Ole Miss has added some incentives to its recruiting

these are all very good posts. A major problem we have to combat is getting African American kids to leave an urban area to come here. Have any of you driven to Harrison lately? They have multiple billboards touting white pride and how racism is okay as long as you are white. A London newspaper recently did a story on Harrison and labeled it the most racist place in the world. You can bet that article is in every coach’s recruiting materials to use against us.

Finally, I simply think it is hard to get kids to truly go far from home. Kids may want to get away from home for school but 8-10 hours away? most aren’t necessarily down for that type of move. Also, most of a state’s good players generally grew up rooting for that state school i.e. Louisiana boy wants to go to LSU. When we recruit that young man he is interested until the LSU offer then he is gone. This is same in Alabama and Georgia. When those schools take the 8-15 SEC players they want we are left competing against other schools for talent.

We do better when the state produces more players. In east Arkansas right now Jonesboro has a receiver that ASU has offered. That is it on the entire eastern side of the state. The kids from Earle and Blytheville are next year and MAY get Arkansas offers but that is it. Warren, Ashdown and Nashville are producing 2-3 kids but the Little Rock area has TWO. The middle Henry kid one could argue should get an offer but looks like he is military academy on offers as for the Fells kid. When Nutt was coach 8-12 kids a year from Arkansas signed with Arkansas. Those were generally good enough to play.

As more and more of Eastern Oklahoma and Dallas area kids continue to flood Arkansas for college, the football team will benefit. However, this is another 3-10 years at best.

If you think the AD weighing in on fixing central Arkansas high schools will help then get Jeff Long onto it. Losing kids to Charter schools, etc. is gonna do nothing but continue to see a decline in the athletes from Little Rock and Pine Bluff.

Pike, this is an ignorant post. First and most importantly, recruits don’t travel through Harrison so the 2 signs don’t matter. Further, you’re citing a LONDON newspaper? WTH? What is your agenda? I AM from Harrison. Moved there in 1984, graduated from there in 1990, and I’m back there fairly often. I can tell you there are a lot of people (the majority) there that AREN’T racist. I’m not going to get into an argument here on all of the reasons why but I can assure you that you are in a position of ignorance about the town of Harrison. I would like you to cite ONE recruit the UA has lost because of what you wrote.

I cite the Harrison story as the fodder that is USED against us in recruiting. That is something we simply wont learn. You can bet your butt some coach in Auburn is going to show that to an African American kid and his family in Atlanta, or Tampa, etc. It is what our perception is nationally. I travel all over the state and south for work. The jokes of are you married to your sister? How do shoes feel, etc are still spoken.

Harrison has many good people and they do try to balance out the Klan, however, the Klan is there and happy to call Zinc home.

You can call me ignorant if you want to, but ask the African American state employees if they stay in Harrison overnight? I know the answer.

This is why I never studied from cliffs notes. You didn’t list all the sec states and threw in a couple small big 12 states.

But the point is most high school football players care less about your Fortune 500 per capita stats. They care more about culture, night life, reputation, prestige… Those that do care most about their career prospects care way more about their school’s academic reputation than about the geography of Fortune 500 headquarters! Sorry to burst your bubble but Arkansas is consistently ranked (almost) at the very bottom of sec academic rankings (thank god for Mississippi).

Back to football… there are many reasons we are disadvantaged in recruiting. This is exactly why we need a coach and a style that doesn’t rely on the biggest baddest athletes to win. We won’t ever have a team loaded with athletic studs, compared to our sec competition.

I included the states around us that we RECRUIT from except for Texas (oil companies) that few can compete with. You are grasping for straws there. You are poorly informed about location, Walton College national ranking, and how that is important to student athletes. You were terribly wrong about the number of companies in relation to other states and take a long look at population of states like MO and FL. Show me some of these academic rankings you mentioned. I don’t believe we are anywhere close to UGA, UF, MO, etc, but we have highly ranked schools of Agri, Business/Walton College, Architecture, etc

See it for yourself instead of using your terribly erroneous opinions <LINK_TEXT text=“https://news.uark.edu/articles/32226/u- … s-for-2016”>https://news.uark.edu/articles/32226/u-of-a-moves-up-in-best-college-rankings-for-2016</LINK_TEXT>
“The University of Arkansas tied for 62nd place with public institutions such as Arizona State University, Louisiana State University and the University of Kentucky.
The U of A tied for 129th place among all national institutions. Nearly 1,600 four-year colleges and universities in the country are assessed by U.S. News.
In individual categories, the Sam M. Walton College of Business improved its ranking to 27th among public undergraduate business schools, up from 29th last year; among both public and private institutions Walton moved up from 45th last year to 43rd in this year’s ranking.
The University of Arkansas was also included again among the “A+ Schools for B Students,” defined as a school “where nonsuperstars have a decent shot at being accepted and thriving.”
“This ranking is a gratifying recognition of some of the improvements we have made over the past year and will continue to work toward,” said interim Chancellor Dan Ferritor. “We’ve realized better retention and graduation rates, improved faculty resources and per student spending. Our percentage of alumni who give remains strong with 26 percent giving back and essentially expressing their satisfaction.
“We know the University of Arkansas is a great university and will just keep getting better,” Ferritor said. “And that’s what’s important.”
The “Best College” rankings are based on several factors, including graduation and retention rates; “reputation” assessments by top university officials at other institutions; a similar assessment by high school guidance counsellors; faculty resources – which includes class size, faculty salaries, and percentage of full faculty who are full-time; quality of students, based largely on test scores; financial resources, the per-student spending on instruction, research, student services and other educational expenditures; and the percentage of alumni giving.”

http://www.usnews.com/education/best-co … t-colleges