Where have you gone Bo Mattingly?

He has been gone from view for quite a while now. How is he doing with the new career? Is it working for him? Talking Razorback sports for 4 hours every day would drive anybody crazy, so I understand why he left that scene. I am curious. He left a void and it has not been filled.

He and his company have apparently been very successful doing a number of projects for ESPN plus.

Also continue to the Hog Pod, a long-form audio interview.

Thanks, Dudley, for the update.

I enjoyed your article on next year’s basketball outlook. Gary Parrish knows his stuff, so things are looking good for Razorback basketball from a national perspective. We Hog fans knew it, but the word is spreading across NCAA hoops land.

Talked to Bo at length this week. He and his three-man gang still running along just fine. That’s Bart, Sawyer and Bo. I think they will do podcasts for other schools in the future, as well as continue to do their Hog Pod. He sees an almost limtless supply of subjects to dive into.

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