Where have all the Mike Anderson recruiting

whiners gone as of late? Its kinda boring without them.

Reply: believe me they haven’t gone far, they are waiting for another perceived low occasion, and within their minds it doesn’t take much. Besides football season is around corner I guess it’s a wait and see approach as to where we finish somewhere down in the pack or above.

So, if I own a business and have a salesperson who’s sales are less than I think they should be, and I memtion, several times, that his sales numbers need to improve, and then, they do improve, I’m supposed to still be calling him on the carpet for his sales numbers?

I was one who questioned his recruiting ability when he was hired. I still remained less than thrilled for many (not all) of the years that followed. It appears that recruiting has gotten better. That is good news.

I can’t speak for anyone else, all I want to do is win. I hope, hope, hope it is with MA. I don’t know him, but he sure seems like a great person. I would much rather win with MA than someone else.

I will vouch for you. You have been honest and without an agenda.

MA has proven us wrong. Hopefully, it will work out in actual games (rather than just recruiting rankings), and I think it will. I’ve watched all the Arkansas signees and commits, and the future looks good.

Btw, I never questioned MA on here, but I was concerned.

Excited things seemed to have turned around

Don’t know but think that there were several program issues that had to be corrected before the recruiting could improve.

I agree, they/we haven’t gone far. We mostly feel good about recruiting. Hope Anderson keeps it going.
Hope I can stay alive long enough to see another National Championship. Most of us want him to succeed.

Mike Anderson is a winner! He should have been the coach to follow Nolan!

Locking up all the high caliber in-state kids after Monk is commendable. If he gets blame for Monk, he has to get credit for the ones who decided to stay.

It appears they have a chance to have a large chunk of the roster comprised of in-state kids when you look down the road through at least the 2020 class. I’m interested to see when they go ahead offer the Moody kid. You’d think it would be fairly soon.

Moody has an unofficial visit scheduled in August. Speculation is that he will be offered at that time.

Makes sense.

If we took whining off the board it would be beyond boring… multiple point of views make good debate.