Where have all the kickers gone?

Far away and wide right, wide left I’d say. I’ve never seen as many missed kicks as I saw yesterday in my life. What is going on with the little men who keek touchdowns?

The rise in the popularity of soccer in the US.

That’s probably where we get our kickers anyway; they switch over from their local FC to the ball with pointy ends. But there was some game I was watching last night, might have been the Moo U kicker. They said he had never kicked in a college game before and he drilled three field goals right down the middle. So not all of them are hopeless head cases. Unfortunately, right now CH is a head case. It’s quite possible that if he got to try a 40-yarder now he’d drill it, but the chip shots are into his head at the moment.

Perhaps the foreign kickers that used to fill those jobs did not feel the pressure that a kid who grew up following college football feels. Maybe they just did not realize that college football was, in the words of the late Lewis Grizzard, our way of life versus their’s. My son played a season of youth soccer with a kid named Harrison Butt Kicker Butker. Harrison was a great soccer player who did not play football till high school. He chose a football schollie to Ga. Tech over a soccer one because it was worth about 10 times as much. Last I checked, he was either going to be the Carolina Panthers kicker or be on their practice squad after a very impressive camp.

I think more and more we are finding kickers there but the OP asked is where have they all gone. Gone are the days where a kid grew up playing football and then started kicking through Jr. High into High School. I say gone - not totally gone but getting harder and harder to find. So then what you get is a kicker that’s mostly used to the round ball and then starts with the football. Certainly there are still some out there but they are certainly getting harder and harder to find. It’s a lot like other positions on the field that are now harder to find because more of those athletes are playing basketball (and not football) now.

I have been part of middle school football since 1969. Our varsity program for a majority of those years has been one of the best in the state. it is now becoming a struggle to get kids involved in football not only for our program but many of the programs we compete against. Shortly it maybe “Where have all the players gone?”

Not a surprise. You’re competing against video games and social media and texting and everything else kids have to do that doesn’t involve helmets, pads, hitting and sweating. Plus there’s the more recent factor of Momma doesn’t want little Johnny getting CTE in 20 years.