Where does this class rank as compared to our past?

Its been stated many times this is our best class ever in the “ratings” era. Does anyone have the class rankings from the last 10 years…both SEC and national? I bet this class will stand out significantly in that comparison.

No it does not stand out significantly. It may be marginally better than past classes. Henry and Otey would have probably made the class overall come closer to significantly better.
2018-48-10(17 recruits vs. at least 20 made this class rate below its actual value of 30-35 and 10-11)

So 2018 is the only real outlier, Morris’ first class, everything else is pretty close to normal. The top 10-12 of this years class may be the best since 2009. So the evidence says the “best class ever” or in a long time is hyperbole at best. It’s a really good class, more depth at LB and secondary with Henry and Otey might have made this closer to a great class, “Best” type class.

Some may want to point out that the rating average per recruit is higher, but it is pretty widely held that with each year the individual ratings of all players are creeping higher, it matters, but the most important rating is how you stack up against all the teams.

2019 class- 25 signees, ESPN 10 four-stars, 4 ESPN 300, No. 23 nationally

2015 class- 24 signees, ESPN 11 four-stars , 5 ESPN 300, No. 22 nationally

2019 class- 25 signees, 247 11 four-stars, No. 23 nationally

2015 class- 25 signees, 247 7 four-stars, No.22 nationally

In terms of rankings, same as ever—but much better promotion of similar results.


Similar type results as shown above. We just need to layer several classes this good or better as coach m. has said himself. Coming off 2and 10. Pretty damn good in my opinion. We just have to keep it up. Call me a homer, but I am pleased.

I think most are pleased, especially considering our record and the really poor performance we had in earning that record, but we all want more and the hyperbole around “greatest class or recruiting” ever stuff is just over the top.

Agree completely. The staff did a very good job recruiting, considering our last year’s record. However, the staff also was responsible for that 2-10 record. Next year the spotlight will be on the level of improvement in our W-L record by this same coaching staff.

I’m also happy with yesterday’s signings. We signed what I believe to be our 3 best 2019 recruits. We lost 3 recruits, but IMO none of them will be as impactful as those 3.

Much better promotion?

They were as high as 10th nationally at one point

There were 14 4-stars among the signees.

I didn’t rank them.

Didn’t close well on Wednesday, but a very good class.

Not as good as Bielema’s classes. He was the best recruiter since Broyles

Not sure why you’re sensitive about the statement.

It wasn’t aimed at you or writers at all.

I was saying the staff is better at self promotion and promotion of the class.

It’s a good class. Very solid. But it is not the historically unprecedented class that many thought it was going to be.

We have had similar classes on paper. Credit to them for pulling it off coming off a 2-10 season.

But, I don’t know how anyone can question the statement that we have had similar classes but this one has received much better promotion than those similar classes.

I think its our best class ever.

Production on the field will ultimately determine the strength of this class.
The next 2,years will give us some indication.

Didn’t think it was aimed at me.

You are right that in the end it was ranked where some of them have been.

But the talent inside it was better than usual. That’s a simple fact, backed up by the number of 4-stars.

This staff is much more social media savvy than the former staff, but it does not diminish the talent within.

That’s my context in saying that it is not just the self promotion

Isn’t this just because we had guys committed before other teams. In other words, if we had 26 committed form 2020 we’d probably be ranked in the Top5, right now, but doesn’t mean it’s a top 5 class. Our class was not a top 10 class, obviously.

None of the other recruiting years were coming off a 2-10 record. So there’s that.

And that’s huge, imo.

Tbh, I don’t even care if it’s the best class ever. Compared to our past coaching staffs, these coaches seem far better at identifying targets and then closing them. For example, when was the last time we didn’t need a big commitment on NSD to have a great class? This has nothing to do with the early signing day, because we didn’t need one then, either.

These coaches are just better at hitting their marks than staffs we’ve had in the past.

Coming off a 2-10 record and to bring in this type of class is unreal! I have heard that from a lot of folks nationwide in the past couple of days along the strength of the class that CCM and staff were able to haul in following that season. In addition, this is the first time in a bunch of years we didn’t sign and 2 stars or unranked kids. I think AH wrote a recent article (solid one by the way) and one of his stats mentioned that CBB during his 5 years signed 17 2 stars and 2 unranked players. Yeah, he signed some other good ones but 19 players and 2 stars and under just won’t cut it in this league and surely had to have an impact on our depth and talent once CCM got here. CCM and staff certainly can recruit and recruit high level players and the more of those we get then the better the results on the field!

I feel like this recruiting class is a very good 1st step in the rebuilding process.
This class has the majority of its 4 star recruits at TE, WR, DL and DB.
Hopefully, the 2020 class can have multiple 4 star recruits at OL and LB.

Go Hogs!