Where does Razorback basketball go from here?

We (and I mean our coaches) have just squandered the most talent and experience that we’ve had since the mid-90’s. Gafford would be crazy not to leave, which leaves us with an empty cupboard and some highly touted freshmen coming in. I’m tired of this. We are consistently out-coached, and as a former high school basketball coach, it’s ridiculous to watch talented kids not box-out on rebounds, not play fundamentally sound defense, and have NO half court scheme to either get the ball inside or find open shots on the perimeter. “Chaos” is not a strategy. We are undisciplined in the half-court on both ends of the floor. CMA has been able to recruit talent, but he’s clearly unable or unwilling to coach them to a standard that wins NCAA games. Yes, I am frustrated, but this has gone on long enough. We’re already going to be in rebuilding mode, so I hope Hunter Yurachek takes a hard look at Mike Anderson’s performance and desire to improve going forward. I’m venting, and I’m not really interested in getting into a back and forth with CMA defenders. I’ve been a fan since I was 5 years old (55 years ago) and went to games in Barnhill when dirt surrounded the hardwood. I live and die by the Hogs. I was in Charlotte at the game in 94 when we beat Duke for the NC. There is no comparing the tenacity and quality of our defense or offense between Nolan and Mike. It’s not close - and it’s not working.

Come on Coach Chad - rescue football, and come on new AD - let’s try and save our b-ball program!

No one hates CMA more than former HS coaches or senior citizen fans from the Sutton era.

On one hand, I sorta get it. It’s infuriating to watch poor rebounding and poor closeouts.

But, it’s an amazing phenomenon really. If we wins, by and large he was “lucky” or the players bailed him out or the other team played poorly.

If he loses, it’s all on him.

Part of that is the era in which we live. The internet has given everyone a voice and it breeds group think.

I just think it’s bizarre. MA is a good coach. He isn’t a great coach. He has a system. It works for the most part. Like every system, it has its pros and cons.

Buy, for whatever reason, every loss is pinned on him and his coaching and his system.

That’s odd to me. As a wannabe coach, I and every other actual coach knows that some nights the other team is better. They hit shots. You don’t. They lock in on defense. You don’t.

But, when it happens to MA he was outcoached.

He got lucky this year and beat Lon Kruger (600 wins, 2 FFs, National POY contender), Kevin Ollie (National Champ), Barnes (600 wins, SEC COY), Pearl (500 wins, 2x SEC COY), White (SEC COY), Martin (FF, B12 COY), Avery (the darling of the anti MA crowd), Cuonzo (“elite” recruiter) Andy Kennedy (SEC COY) and Billy Kennedy (SEC COY).

Is he without flaws? No. He needs to improve. But he’s light years ahead of where we were and he is likely much better than whomever we could replace him with based on past searches and recent hires by similar schools. He left a 30-Win, Elite 8 program he built to come “home” to a place supported by a fan base made up of about 50% of people who largely think he’s dumb, lazy and stubborn. And, he has rebuilt a solid program without cheating whine his competitors aren’t even trying to hide it at this point.

I’m not happy at all with 1 and done. CMA frustrates me at times. But, I also understand that he took this program from NCAA purgatory and has, in 3 of the last 4 years finished with 27, 26 and 23 wins, 2 SECT Championship game appearances, an SEC semifinal, 3 NCAAT trips and 2 wins, a highway robbery loss to the NC and a return to the top handful of teams in the suddenly stout SEC.

That’s not great, but it’s very solid. If you want to fire him, fire him. Go get some coach with a good ole 10 pass, 5 screen, 2 handed rebound offense, have at it.

I can actually understand the line of thinking that we know his ceiling and it isn’t good enough and we are going to swing for the fences knowing that it is likely to result in a strikeout but could be a Grand Slam if we get lucky.

Just know that your chances of landing an improvement are worse than hiring a lesser coach.

And, maybe think about actually being objective and realizing that despite his warts, there is quite a bit to like about MA both on and off the court.

Here we go. The attack is on. You apologists are SO busy telling us how we are stupid and that you guys are the only ones that know basketball and the only ones that have a TRUE opinion- Mike is the greatest coach ever and we can’t get anyone half as good as MIke. I hope you are proud of yourselves for perpetuating mediocrity.

Pig your missing the POINT.

BOX out, rebound better. Game plan better.

Get some new blood, learn to change a few things. Run your team into the ground with a press and open 3’s all the time.

Learn to adapt!

Pig your missing the POINT.
BOX out, rebound better. Game plan better.

Get some new blood, learn to change a few things. Run your team into the ground with a press and open 3’s all the time.

Learn to adapt!

Same tripe after every bad loss, get a life guys! The world is not coming to an end.

You are a broken record.

No one here hates cma, and the OP is extremely accurate on all counts!

None of which REMOTELY qualify as “hating CMA”. That’s your usual tactic to derail posts and avoid actual basketball talk.

7 years is 7 years…no defending the ON COURT record. The Wafford game was a travesty, today…

I’ve seen enough. What other program, with 1/2 our tradition, would keep a coach with this record?


Very good point. A first year Coach abused Mike’s trapping man and switching defense as well as shut down the transition offense. Wow with 3 SR guards and a lottery pick center Mike couldn’t put the guys in a position to succeed. I think we have reached the ceiling of Mike Anderson if he will not adapt. He continues to use the trapping man with switches and pressing or the motion offense that really doesn’t appear to have many set plays if forced to play half court. The good teams make us look terrible.

We have nobody to replace Gafford and the 6 new freshman will have growing pains. The guards will suffer unless CJ has a miracle improvement. Are we going to be better than this team next year or the next? Is this good enough for our fanbase?

No. Not missing the point at all. I agree that rebounding has to improve but more importantly, on the ball perimeter defense needs to improve.

But, since I’ve agreed with you, maybe you can see my point. That is this: The idea that because we are deficient in some area our HC is totally inept and gets outcoached every time we lose is an outmoded, cliche.

The fans who blame every loss on the coach and don’t think he brings anything to the table need to learn to adapt.

I’m perfectly willing to admit MA needs to improve in some areas and the end to this season was a big disappointment. I also think it was overall a solid year in a rugged conference.

And, yet, I’m somehow an apologist and the people who rant and rave against MA and basically says he’s incompetent and just rolls the ball our are the ones who are objective? How’s that work?

Get over yourself. I’m not using any tactic. I’m being objective. I’m talking about pros and cons. Good and bad.

There are plenty of programs that would keep MA. He has won 27, 26 and 23 in 3 of the last 4 years and had the 3rd best team in the league in that span.

The real question is what program in our situation would fire him.

Then again, you’re arguing that a WIN in a 12-5 matchup, which is notorious for the consistent upsets on that line, is somehow a “travesty” so I’m not sure why I’m bothering g to respond. That’s just peak moronic.

I agree with Colorado comments. I think Anderson is a good coach but not a great coach. His style will win many games, but teams with good guards always give us serious problems. Anderson will be our coach for the foreseeable future, but unless he’s willing to adapt and make changes, we will never win a SEC championship let alone a NCAA championship.

Good answer sir.

I will say the Butler coach showed nothing but class.

He told his game plan and that was RUN to keep them off the 3’s. And swarm the middle. That in fact stopped Gafford.

I watched all the tape of the guys after the game. Our big run just took a lot out of us.

Can’t start 21-2. BUT we did take the lead. Macon didn’t want to take his jersey off. PROUD to have been a Razorback.

To bad it had to end this way. Still love the Hogs. They just couldn’t hit any shots.

BTW Butler is 11-1 in opening NCAA games. Not sure what period of time that covers but that’s pretty darn good. Maybe we did end up with the hardest opening round game!

Tradition? Arkansas has one won National Championship and that was almost 30 years ago !

How surprising lol

7 years, dude. 7 years. You can insult me and EVERYONE ELSE who criticizes CMA, but you can’t change the facts.

7 seniors and a lottery pick…and it’s cool that we are BLOWN OUT in the first round?

Bobby Porto’s and qualls, and we get a grand total of ONE tourney win…by one point, over a woefully outmatched Wafford team? If you can’t apprecite how severely we were out coached in those games, then there’s a serious problem.

Either you are intentionally not critiquing cma accuratley, or some other agenda, or you are the real “moron” . Your word , not mine.

7 years, notorious, 7 years. The results speak for themselves and insulting other posters will not change them


My concern is that the 27 wins without winning the SEC Championship and/or advancing to at least the 2nd weekend of the NCAA by the Portis/Qualls led team is as good as it gets under Coach Anderson.

Realistic expectations must Be met.


Program is not reaching its potential

Let me get this straight. Mike Anderson

  1. was an All-State PG in high school.

  2. was the starting PG and double-figure scorer on a team that went 50-13 over two years, won an an NIT championship, and got knocked out of the NCAAT by Phi Slamma Jamma by 4 points.

  3. was an assistant for 20 years for teams that won multiple conference championships, appeared in multiple FFs, and won a NC.

  4. has been a major-college head coach for 16 years with 9 NCAAT appearances over three rebuilding jobs.

  5. has recruited every player on this team, watches them daily in practice, and breaks down their film on a game-by-game basis.

However, a few guys from their sofa with their bright and shiny high school credentials obviously know better how to put his team in winning position on both sides of the court and could teach him a thing or two about blocking out, a term he must never have heard in the last 48 years.

And the “apologists” are the arrogant know-it-alls.

Mr. Kettle, I have somebody I want you to meet.

Niels, So? We were just out coached by a first year coach and outplayed by an average team today. What’s not to like. I just saw this fact…Anderson’s 7 years…3 NCAAs, 2 victories, previous 7 years, 3 NCAAs, 1 victory. :o :o :o

The extreme Mike fans seem to care more about Mike than they do our Hogs it appears. There are way too many excuses for Mike by these extremists and we are told the UofA should be happy he is here and that the style is entertaining. We have to accept his worts and that he is our coach until he decides to leave. If anyone says anything about Mike then your words are twisted to be accused that you say Mike Sucks and needs to be fired.

I have said it numerous times that I just want Mike to improve and take us to the next level by adapting in season, adapting in game, adapting to his roster etc so that we achieve our potential in EACH game.
-I think some fans are emotional about Mike that they view any criticism of CMA that we are saying he is “terrible and needs to be fired”.
-He is a good coach but he may not be a great coach in some fans eyes.
-Mike is very stubborn about his use of NR’s style/schemes BUT it bites us in the butt at times so we lose.
-Mike is finally doing a great job recruiting but he also decides to use those player resources in ways that don’t align with the roster or give us an advantage against some teams.
-If you are not getting better every year you are falling behind.
-Adapting your scheme to improve your success is just as important as player talent.
-Do you think Mike should be asked to continuously improve as most of our culture does?

For some fans it is an issue of Resources versus Decisions with Mike. Mike is improving the resources but he has made some bad decisions about how he uses the resources. This scheme worked for NR when the game was different, but it is not working now to be stubbornly committed to one style/scheme. We have to use different defenses and offenses now to compete with good teams. A diverse mix of defenses would serve this roster better this year, but next year may be different if we have good guard depth to handle the fatigue of trapping man, switches and pressing.

There is no need for replacing Mike, but he does need to make changes in his schemes. Mike makes decisions about defense, substitution patterns, in game adjustments, etc that have exposed the need for him to improve in some areas. He needs to use different defenses in addition to the trapping man, switches and pressing as a means of disruption. He should use trapping man, switches and pressing if he has the roster to play it more in the future.

Once again, I just want Mike to improve and take us to the next level by adapting in season, adapting in game, adapting to his roster etc so that we achieve our potential in EACH game.