Where does Mike rank among SEC coaches?

As far as a recruiter, in game situations, dead ball situations? How does our coach rank against other SEC teams? We consider ourselves a top 5 SEC program, does our coach match that expectation?

How often do we have to throw the ball to the backcourt on plays where we possess the ball under our basket?

In all seriousness, excellent post !! It’s called coaching and we are desperately lacking in that area…

I would say neither as high as some think or as low as others think.

Here’s some guesses off the top of my head without numbers in front of me.

In terms of success in the regular season, I would think he would rank in the top 5 when you add in W-L record, road record, SEC Tournament final appearances.

In terms of success in the NCAA tournament while coaching at an SEC school and getting to the second weekend, I would say would be behind John Calipari, Frank Martin, Bruce Pearl and Mike White.

From previous stops, you could add in Rick Barnes and Ben Howland

Recruiting is ok, not great.

Dead ball situations and in bound plays doesn’t seem to be a strength.

Arkansas is a top 5 SEC program in terms of regular season wins over his 8 years here per analytics, but isn’t this season.

My guess is about 10 percent on the backcourt question, but it would be hard to go back and get an actual figure without watching every play.

Coaches I’d rather have:

Mike White
Kermit Davis

About the same or no big difference:
Frank Martin
Tom Crean (Though I might move him up if he keeps recruiting like he is)

Guys Id take Mike over:
Avery Johnson
Cuonzo Martin
Billy Kennedy
Bryce Drew

So around 8-10.

In other words, Lynnsanity, you like the unscrupulous ones. All the guys you named in the first group (except Mike White and Barnes) have been in serious NCAA trouble or currently have a big cloud over their program due to recruiting practices.

To each their own, I prefer a clean program.

We’ll never know, but imo, if MA was at UK and used the same tactics as Calipari, he’d have more championships than Calipari.

I really like Mike a lot but I don’t think he has the charisma to coach a place like Kentucky. You need to be a CEO type. One who knows how to coach and promote. Mike has surrounded himself with assistants of like personalities. He needs a real Dog recruiter like Scott Edgar was for Nolan!

Dudley, two really good posts. I appreciate your honesty.

I think you should take a wider view of your statement.
Cal is probably the least best coach in the SEC and country as far as that goes. Always has all the talent with the NBA pro prospects and how many games does he win or banners? Judge that my friend. If that’s what you want no thanks. Top 10 class every year and he talks about how they are young and then the refs come to their rescue in some close games and they make the dance with a 1-4 seed in the dance.
To me that shows just how little coaching the blow hard does. How much of his past are you aware of? Everywhere he has coached they end up on probation for violations handed down by the NCAA.

Pearl. Well if you want a liar he is your man. His assistant coach that has been fired may look good in stripes soon! The money wagon made a drop off to a few players one of which had to sit out last year and part of this year. But he is your man!

Barnes got fired at Texas for losing. Yes he is a good coach but he’s getting it done with upperclassman now. That team went through what the hogs are going through now 2 and 3 years ago. Honest good man.

Wade he’s been mentioned in the FBI probe just give the snot nosed punk time and he will show his true colors. Birds of a feather flock together. I guess it’s an accident he landed all of that talent with what he has accomplished as a coach. I have some ocean front property for sell in central Arkansas come take a look during the overflow.

Old Honest Ben Howland he also has a show cause in his back pocket for being a cheat. How much did they pay the Perry’s? Not just no but ---- no!

Mike White well he will start having a team he recruited himself next season so we will see. He sure isn’t lighting the world up right now at 13-11

Oh well there better things to think about
But what you want is a cheater win at all cost no thanks!

You can have the Ned Flanders of college basketball if you would like. I’ll take a coach that will have this program relevant in all months of the college basketball season.

And might want to check on Mike White. He has the top class in the SEC coming in next year while we will be digging for spring scraps.

Prohm from Iowa State.

What black clouds do these unscrupulous coaches have hanging over their programs? How are these programs or coaches being punished for their wrongdoings?

Black clouds include Sins of the past with other programs causing sanctions / probation after the coaches left.
Currently involved in or mentioned in recent FBI investigation & NCAA doing their follow up investigations with access to FBI data, verdict still out.
Associations with sketchy individuals.

NCAA mandates the punishment or lack of.