Where does Brazile's poster rank among top UA dunks?

The list unfortunately isn’t that long.

There’s Sidney Moncrief over Tyrone Branyan that made possibly the best SI cover shot ever.

Mike Qualls had some nasty ones, but I can’t remember any quite this vicious. The dunk to beat Kentucky was because they went to sleep on the back side and he beat them to the rim.

Tony Brown had one at Austin that was either a rock the baby or a 360. I thought it was a rock the baby but Rick Schaeffer was certain it was a 360.

U.S. Reed had a 360.

I remember Alandise Harris had a nasty one or two.

Dan Gafford (who had a great reaction tweet last night) had a couple of vicious windmills but he didn’t posterize anybody.


As far as vicious I would say this is number one.

My favorite dunk of all time is when Al Dillard was on a fast break and bounced the ball off the court to himself for a dunk.

Eugene Eugene the dunkin machine had some nice ones also.

Oh but wait…Brandon Dean caught a few nasty ones also.

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Yep, Brandon could throw them down very well. The night we beat #2 Auburn was pretty much a dunkfest with him and Derek Hood.

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There have many great dunks, but posters, hmmm, I remember Big Joe getting a semi poster on Winslow I think it was for Houston and barking at him after it.

I remember Benford I think his name was for TxTech, had been talking smack all game and Darrell Walker went baseline dragging Benford behind him and went opposite side of the one hand jam in his face and fouled him out. Actually may have been 2 hands.It was great.

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The Michael Qualls dunk against SIU-Edwardsville years ago comes to mind for me, but it wasn’t what Brazile did. I’m young, but, man, that dunk was unreal.


Yeah I think that’s the one the most popped into my mind.

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Going WAY back here, and I realize this is pretty obscure, but the one that sticks in my memory is one I saw Ron Brewer (the elder) make at a game at TCU back in SWC days around 1977. He broke away for an uncontested slam and did it sort of tomahawk-ish fashion, a little like Brazile’s but of course not at quite as high altitude as Brazile’s (but close). It was still a resounding, in-your-face, vicious throw-down which brought us few Razorback fans who were in attendance to our feet. It’s still in my memory bank for sure, which says something in itself at my age, lol.

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I’ll never forget Fred Gulley taking one step and slamming one in his final college game.

It is memorable, because I wasn’t even sure he could dunk. He was a solid player, but not known for his leaping ability.

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I’ve been watching Razorback basketball since the mid-70s. I think I’ve seen all significant dunks. I am pretty sure this is the most aesthetically unbelievable dunk I’ve ever seen anybody execute in a Razorback uniform. Just incredible. That said, Sidney, Qualls and Dean have some great ones too. Tony Brown also had a great one or two.

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The greatest compliment I can offer about the dunk is that it was incredibly rude.


Having gone back and looked at the SIU-E dunk… last night wins.

Oh wow, yeah, absolutely.

Pure filth. As I have said before. The chin up dunks, the slap the backboard dunks, whatever, they are all lame. Any dunk you have to add something to is usually lame.

TB’ s dunks usually speak for themselves. Nothing else is needed, they stand alone. This one was no different.

It’s to much just by itself.

Dang… I thought Councils reverse dunk earlier this year was nasty, but Brazile :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Last night’s was the best I’ve ever seen, and it is only the 3rd game! Sitting where I was made it even better. We are gonna be on SC Top 10 A LOT. Soooo many athletes on this team.


If I remember Teddy Gibson had some pretty good hops and some good slams but nothing like last night’s for sure

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Brandon Dean had a good one in the late 90’s when we buried #2 arbarn at Walton. Then Guy Whitney had a good dunk over arbarn’s 7 ft 6 in center along the same time period. But last night was awesome

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Devo on left. :blush:


Same for me, but Brazile’s was more impressive in my opinion.

Controversial take: Qualls’ vertical isn’t as high as many always described it. His ability to dunk was mostly about his arm length and his attitude toward the rim.

Brandon Dean had one in the SEC Tournament against Georgia that was filthy.

Sonny Weems had multiple monster tomahawks

Daniel Gafford had multiple rim shaking throwdowns in his time as well.

Can’t forget Alandise Harris. he always surprised me with both his vertical and power on dunks.

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