Where do we rank in the SEC Defensively?

In terms of yards and points allowed? I really don’t understand why team defensive stats vanished from the SEC website a couple of years ago and never returned. Defense matters!

In terms of total defense, only mizzou and ole miss are worse.

So 12th in over all defense, in the SEC, 87th nationally.

Arkansas is 14th in scoring defense. The SEC website now exists to promote teams. The defensive stats typically are not promotable.

That defense stat may be a little misleading this year so far, depending on who has played Alabama and who has not.

We’ve played the hardest stretch of SEC offenses. The next couple of games should help those numbers come down.

Hogs are 13th in overall scoring defense ahead of Ole Miss…32.3 vs 34.6.

Conference games only we’re 12th allowing 40.0…ahead of Tennessee 41.8 and Ole Miss 42.8

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