Where do we need immediate help with transfers?

I’d say:

  1. LB
  2. TE
  3. RB

All these positions can be helpful in Special Teams too.

Oline and Dline.
Depending on which Sr’s stay, otherwise In that order


Here’s what Coach Pittman had to say about that in my story two weeks ago.

“Obviously there is a transfer world out there,” Pittman said. “We would take a D-lineman. We might even take, who knows, a linebacker. It just depends on if we can talk some of these guys into staying or not.

“But we are going to save some for transfers, for immediate need. Obviously everybody can see that the transfers we took last year, most of those have really helped us this year.”

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I agree with your three but think DL, LB and TE are a must this recruiting cycle. We have two good RBs committed already, just need one to come in at mid term. This recruiting & offseason is going to be critical to our programs future. Gotta get bigger/stronger across the board in kids currently on campus.


SEC quality Linemen!!! SEC quality Linemen!!! SEC quality Linemen!!! We 10 on Oline and at least on defense. Get those and all the other problems will start to take care of themselves rather quickly.

Did I say SEC quality Linemen!!!


The most critical needs for this team are big fast strong linemen. Both offense and defense.

The whole defense needs to be faster.

Offensive line play needs to open holes on the line and be able to offer the quarterback time to throw to our receivers.

If Jefferson can replicate his LSU form, quarterback is not going to a huge issue.

Arkansas does not have the talent of the top teams. Winning games will make it easier to sign 4 and 5 star recruits. That will take a few years of improved recruiting

Not a popular opinion, I’m sure… but I say QB.

Franks was THE biggest reason we were more competitive this year (well, other than coaching). If you don’t have very good to great QB play, you just won’t be a very good SEC team (unless you have an elite defense to at least keep you in the game). Where much of our roster is now (especially on the lines) you can’t just be “okay” at QB and expect to be very good.

I just don’t see Jefferson as THE guy. Nice player, but not on the level of most of our opponents.

Perhaps Hornsby becomes that guy. I’m guessing he has some needed development first, otherwise he would have seen the field more (like several other SEC QB’s did this year).

Perhaps Coley. I’m guessing he will need to be developed too.

Obviously we need linemen… but the ones we need aren’t likely to be grad transfers. They’ll be NFL players. We are going to have to recruit and develop our lines… which I am very confident we are doing/will do.

So… to get another very good QB to compete with what we have, and let the best man win the job, would either allow the younger guys continued development time or provide a nice option as a backup.

QB is not the need. I would say defensive tackle and linebacker.


Like I said, not a popular opinion. I hope time proves we have an elite QB already in the fold. I’m confident in these coaches abilities to coach players up.

If Morgan can be “recruited” to stay, that would be as good as most any grad transfer we could get at LB.

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Even with Morgan, I’d want another linebacker. Linebackers can usually play on special teams, too.

I don’t know the transfer quarterbacks that would be like a Franks. That is rare to get one with all the ability and intangibles to play in SEC.

I tend to think more will be like Hicks and Starkel than Franks.


Franks is not elite…


I think both O and D lines. Those are the two position groups tht make average players at all other positions better. A serviceable QB can win a lot of games behind a good O-line but an Elite QB won’t win very many behind a less than serviceable O-line. Same with the defense. A good D-line makes everyone behind them better. Cantalon, Morgan, and Pool are good players but they cannot make up for a lack of a pass rush.

I think the consensus is that we need vast improvements in the trenches. That has to include the TE play. For the life of me I can’t understand why has it been so difficult for any of our QBs to hook up with the TE. Ole Miss TE Kenny Yeboah had a monster game as did the rest of the Ole Miss offense against the Tide. Week end and week out I watch teams with relative ease incorporating the TE. Are we enamored so much with the wideouts that there is little time spent on the practice field throwing to TEs?

I agree, Franks is not elite.

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Maybe, maybe not, but a heck of a lot better than what we had the last 2 years.


Not elite but a very good SEC QB. I bet some fans will wish for his productivity next season.


Welcome to the board.

Instead of debating whether he is elite or not, a big thank you should be given to Franks.

Let’s be honest - he took a chance on Coach Pittman and his staff.

What other reason would a QB have to come here with what had been happening?


Elite is Jones, Trask, or Fields, and others might be if they had the same weapons. We don’t win the three games we did without him, heck, I hope he stays for next year, he won’t.

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I can’t say enough good about Franks. I love his game. Agreeing that he is not “elite” in no way is meant as a slight to his value to us this season. I’m still living in the dream world by hoping that he chooses to come back next year.

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