Where do we go from this loss today?

What changes does the coaching staff make to help us improve and have the best season we are capable of having?

What plans does Jeff Long make to get this program out of the dumpster? This planning by Long is key to when we come out of the ashes and rise like the Phoenix. We will be good again, but the question is when and who will be leading us when we do.

Coaching…has to make significant improvements in the Oline and special teams…play a more aggressive defense.

Long…hold CoachB accountable for known weaknesses…Oline and Special teams…and make a change if no improvements are made.

According to USAToday, Arkansas is 14th nationally in athletic budget. Unfortunately, that is only good enough for 5th in the SEC West, and 8th in SEC overall (Kentucky and Tennessee). Where can they go? Cant get much better. Just have to get value for the money … they are not. Others are.

We go from a win vs New Mexico St. to 3 straight SEC losses. Maybe get a win at Ole Piss, win vs Coastal Carolina, then drop the last 3 SEC games. It’s what year 5 of Bert does best.

Yep. Spot on. We go into OM as a 2-5 team praying we don’t lose that game. A win there is the difference in 3-9 or 4-8. just let that sink in. Year 5.

Calling for a loss against USCe is an overreaction IMO. They looked horrible today. And calling for a loss against Mizzoiu sounds more like wishful thinking. They are pitiful. Neither LSU or Miss St. looked particularly good today either.

It maybe an overeaction, but through 3 games I see nothing that leads me to believe that we can go on the road and beat a terrible USCe team.

Mizzou, we can win if the players haven’t quit on Bert.

It’s Bret. Dudley has stated over and over not to do that

The 4 million dollar question is will the hogs break the record for allowing the most points and yards?
I’ll be glad for basketball season to start .
This football team will invent a way to get beat count on it. 3 years in a row there’s no reason to get beat by Texas A&M
The other 3 they were much better than we were.
5-7 and APR get the hogs to the Terd Bowl!

On to the next one.

I have learned that the ‘foe’ code helps me enjoy this
board more.
We may only win four games this year. However, I
think we can hopefully win nine with a bowl victory.
Possibly we win eight but more probably it will only
be seven.
Of course, North Korea, Iran, China or Russia could
do something that brings the season to an early end.
I wouldn’t mind if they cancel the NFL season for the
remainder of the year. Especially if they cancel All salaries.
Thankfully I enjoy reading.

Where do we go?

Where the players and coaches take us

Either more wins and a team that matures to be somthing special next year / or they collapse and we see another Arkansas team reliably fail to meet expectations

Btw: with Steamboat playing more it makes for a smoother transition next year

I’m sick of saying it

Next year - I’m starting to sound like a Jew singing “Next year in Jerusalem”. It only took them a little over a 1000 years to realize that promise

So folks If Arkansas wins the SEC we better enjoy it - it may be another life time or two before we see it again -

Im starting to believe Arkansas is incapable by design or structure to win the SEC - unless - Thad a huge “unless” - all the stars align perfectly

This is making me reassess everything and all my investment in the Razorbacks