Where do we go from here?

It is unbelievable how bad we are!! We are not even competitive and there is no excuse for that. We have no clue what we are doing offensively and how many wide open 3’s are we going to give Bama?? Very embarrassing.

You gotta love that dominant inside presence and what about that defensive 3 point defense😀

Be careful. Don’t be overly critical of the team or Muss or you will be asked to delete your post. Losing by 30, and it’s all butterflies and rainbows in hogville.

Now we get to hear Muss press conference. You must be excited to hear that!!

It’s all confidence! We know this team can play WAY better than this, but this team got punched in the gut this week. Are they going to man up and stop this, or sulk in the locker room hoping the next game isn’t so bad?

Somebody has to step up and be a leader on the floor when things are going bad. Desi hit a skid last season and bounced back. Smith is coming back from an injury. In my opinion, one of them needs to step up and maybe step up in the faces of this team and get them ready to play Razorback basketball.

Alabama has the team we all wanted and thought we’d have this year. Fast paced, hot shooting, tough defense, solid nba style coaching, ranked in the top 25 in mid January.

And, we couldn’t be further from it. And I don’t see any silver lining like just wait till next year or anything. We don’t have a squad that’s going to stick together and gel for four years. We don’t have any higher ranked recruiting classes coming in than the one we just got. Not really seeing any player development this year. I’m definitely venting my discouragement and vision is clouded by a losing streak but come on. Where’s the reason for optimism??

There is no doubt that the team has problems. Defense, shot selection, rebounding, bad shooting except for Moody and effort were all bad. Moody and Henderson played with effort. The rest of the team did not.

If we don’t play harder and better, SEC teams will continue to dominate us. Coach Muss has got lots of work to do.

Let me put some perspective to your post.

A&M 5-6 years ago had two years of great teams, with a bunch of 4 and 5 year seniors. That’s what Alabama is this year. A bunch of SEC seniors that will come crashing down next year. Mark my words.

While these last two games suck and there are questions that Musselman needs to answer, if he can continue to recruit young SEC talent and not rely so much on transfers, I think he’ll be great. Oates is benefitting right now from Avery Johnson’s recruiting, where Musselman lost a lot of Mike Anderson’s better recruits last season.

Where’s the optimism? The next 8 games, Arkansas should win 7 of them at least. We have the players, but we need to get our confidence back up to where it was to start the season. It can be done and I believe it will be done.


I just don’t see him keeping this team together for multiple years to gel. I also don’t see us ever getting a better recruiting class than the one we just got. Maybe muss will hit the jackpot in the transfer portal but it seems like it is his way to have a rotating door of players every year. And I agree with you Alabama is an example of how maturity and experience and player development leads to success by keeping a team together

General, you make some valid points. We have played very well at times. We were awful this week and it will take lots of improvement to reverse the trend of losing by blowout. Long term, I am still optimistic. Short term, not so much.

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He will probably lose Moody, but all the other freshmen will still be here.

Only Smith, Jackson, and Tate are seniors who will probably leave. So next year, he’ll have a lot of the same players back with more coming.

Again, some perspective.

Before the LSU game, Arkansas was scoring 89 points per game against SEC opponents, which includes two top 15 teams.

This week, the average dropped to 79 points per game with these two stinkers.

Could this be a trend? Maybe, but I’d like to think it won’t.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure Muss has the patience to develop young talent. He seems to always be looking for the latest shiny penny in the transfer portal for an immediate impact. So far, that mix of players is simply not jelling for him and I don’t see him turning it around any time soon.

The loss of Smith was huge and at a very bad time, but my goodness this team has some real issues starting with a lack of team chemestry.

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In my opinion we should be more agresive on defense and take more hard fouls. we are playing too soft and are still getting called for touch foul

Interestingly, the refs were letting them play rough the first half, then changed after the half. It was rough both ends of the court for awhile. When you go almost 14 minutes in the first half and the only field goal points are from a defensive goal tending.

I think that’s a real stretch. Arkansas may not have a class ranked as highly but they can definitely have better recruiting classes.

MA’s 38th-ranked Mason Jones/Isaiah Joe class was better than this 5th-ranked one.

This class should have never been ranked 5th and some of the expectations placed on some of these guys with fairly significant limitations hasn’t really been fair to them.

Uh no it isn’t. It’s U-G-L-Y over there right now.

Well, when the players see the head coach sulking/head down/sad sack/woe is me nonsense during the game and in the post-game PC after every loss, what else can be really expected of them?

A team is supposed to be a reflection of the head coach, correct?

I still support Coach Musselman BTW. But he needs to comport himself a little more “professionally” during games, after games, and during post-game PCs.

Muss walking away from Coach Oates and not congratulating on the win was a really bad look.

Do your job! I understand leadership is needed and yes, Musselman is very dramatic on the sideline in different ways, but ultimately, you are given a scholarship to play basketball at your very best(which I’m not debating these guys aren’t). Saying Musselman was sulking on the bench is irrelevant. I’m still expected to perform at my job even if my boss is sulking in her office.

When it comes to coaching, that’s a personal opinion on what you think should be done. I’ve seen Nick Saban act out after loses or insult the media, but nobody talks about him being unprofessional.

Every team does that. Nobody shakes hands during COVID, it’s more of an acknowledgment than talking to each other.

Plenty of people have talked about how unprofessional Nick Saban can be when addressing the media.

What are you even talking about?

Go back and watch the LSU post-game PC and tell me you aren’t even a little embarrassed by Muss’ behavior when addressing the media. It was cringeworthy.

Yes, after a game you acknowledge the opposing coach with either a hand wave or a fist bump. Muss just turned away and stormed off the court w/o acknowledging Oates. Coach Patrick had to go over and fist bump Coach Oates after the game. I mean, really, really?

That’s unprofessional whether you choose to believe it or not.

I’m not even going to address your comments about the players. I agree, they’re not getting it done on the court for whatever reason(s).

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