Where Do We Currently Stand - - -

    • in regard to the actual availability factor in regard to the number of football scholarship slots still theoretically possible for this 2018 class? According to a couple of reports I have referenced, we are already four scholarships over the limit at 89 (the limit being 85). Ostensibly, at least four current scholarship players now on hand will be obliged to transfer; - - and if we should add on any subsequent “crucial needs” or “high-quality-gets” to this class, additional cuts will have to be made from the roster. Is the new staff going to find themselves in the unenviable position of being forced to “persuade” a number of current scholarship players to go elsewhere - - - while continuing to acquire much-needed high-caliber reinforcements?

Richard? Other mods? Anyone else here who might be truly up-to-date and in-the-know? Thanks in advance for your time and courtesy.

Thank you.

After this semester, I’m willing to be we easily have 4 fall off and transfer or quit. There isn’t a need for 7 TE on the team, so at least 3 will be facing new positions - that usually doesn’t bode well. Then, we have more WR than normal, and thus, some will have to find other positions as well. We’ll probably see some QBs leave as well.

Any change at the HC level usually see 8-9 players leave. I don’t think 4 will be a problem.

I pretty much concur with your perspective. In his presser two days ago, Coach Morris (in answering a question regarding the two FBs we have on our roster) rather diplomatically replied that he can foresee a “PART-time” role for a FB in his offensive scheme - - such as on “special teams”, for example, - - - but he will definitely be utilizing a constant,FULL-time TE presence.

He also said that he generally stocks ten or eleven wide receivers, - - and that we currently have thirteen listed.

I believe that it is conceivable that three WRs, one QB and several of the bottom-of-the-depth-chart veteran linemen may be leaving.

Stay tuned.

I believe as you guys do that their will be some guys transfer when they find out where they land on the new staffs depth chart or how little certain positions will be utilized in their offense.
Some may be asked to change positions or possibly from offense to defense and depending on how they respond to those changes some may decide to transfer, we’ll all find out together.
As far as the QB position, if it is an open competition and I believe it will be, I think that we could be looking at Daulton Hyatt as our starting QB because he just looks like the type of guy this staff wants running their system.
Cole Kelley could be the odd man out and transfer if this does play out this way, he’s just simply not mobile enough for what this staff wants in its QB while Hyatt and Noland fit that mold perfectly. Ty Storey could play into things based on his development, but if he doesn’t see a path to starting he may look to transfer an FCS or lower division program where he would have a better opportunity to play.

Lots of changes coming to the receiver corps also, some of these guys will be asked to move to defense as corners or safety as well as a couple of the TE’s.
This staff has to get its best 11 football players on the field on both offense and defense regardless of age, experience or where they have played in the past.
I fully believe that we have enough talented athletes on the roster to field a competitive team if everyone buys in to change.

Go Hogs!

Aside from those who may “elect” to transfer (wink, wink?) - - it may prove very interesting to see who will be open to positional changes - - and who may prove NOT to be - - in regard to the balance of the forthcoming overhauled roster.