Where Do Two More Wins Come From?

Last month we were all giddy about our end of year potential after sweeping the Texas schools, but now reality sets in. UAPB is a win and Missouri?
LSU looked good today and will run on us. Bama will gut us. State will pick on our DBs and young safety.
Our coordinators need to rescheme during the bye week & come up with some different wrinkles bc opposition has figured out our current weaknesses & exploit them.

The offense might do better if Briles gets some sort of stomach bug prior to kick off and has to spend the most of the game sitting on the toilet! That’s my first thought on where 2 more wins come form!


And why do d we throw from our end zone when they got the TD fumble? Run it and get some run to punt.

Why not start by putting someone to return punts that will catch the darn ball and not give up the 15 yards letting the ball hit and get that deep! There the first issue! Then you are right. Get the ball out of your hands quick by handing the ball off or quick passes.


Great question Hog Dr.

He said he lost the ball in the sun. It happens.

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It happens to him a whole lot!


Despite today’s uninspired performance, I think that we will win over UAPB, Miss State, and Missouri. LSU is certainly a winnable game. Much on that will be how Ogeron tries to develop his team while diminished fan opinion are going to be heard over and over. NCAA problems loom. I will be surprised if LSU is playing any where close to their potential.

Remember how bad we were 2 years ago. This Razorback team is much better than expected and we will always have to play well to win a Sec football game.


The first win comes next week against UAPB. I think Arkansas can win one against Mississippi State, Missouri or LSU, if not all three.


We might win 6. Same as last year, defense ran out of gas and we were gashed. The 3 man front is no surprise. Sec coaches know what to do. I liked the 4 man front today

Briles isn’t your problem. Talent and execution were today. Gotta keep getting better players


As to punts, they just don’t seem to think anyone else is comfortable catching the ball back there. They tried Brooks earlier and we see how that worked.

It is a lot like Rossi back in the nutt days

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Totally agree with you. For the life of me I don’t understand why he calls things in given situations. I don’t get his rhythm. And we’re fairly predictable, especially today with the repeated runs on first down. You’ve got a 250 lb 6’5" running back and we’re running out of the shotgun on short yardage? WTH! 3rd and short and we throw deep? Maybe that one was on KJ but still I was screaming to just get the blankety blank first down. Today was a really bad day in situational decision making all the way around. I won’t be crying if CSP decides to send him on his way at the end of the year.

I just don’t see us winning against MSU… our secondary is very vulnerable even when Catalon was playing and our pass rush just isn’t very good. LSU on the road, nope. Missery…maybe, we should but we should have beat them last year. I’m thinking we win 5 for sure, hopefully 6 but only 2 SEC wins… I hope we win all 3 of them but doubtful…

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I say we win the next 5 outright.

These next two weeks couldn’t come at a better time. This team as a whole needs to regroup and figure some things out and we essentially have 3 weeks to do it and I think they will

The management of players in those situations was odd in my opinion. Johnson and Sanders need to touch the ball around the goal line. The 4 th down plays seemed like bad play design and reads.
At one point today the ref stood over the ball and stalled our offense after the hogs made a first down. Nothing went right. Anytime it seemed like the hogs were going to take command of the game something went side ways. The failed review on the fumble, the strip and TD recovery by Auburn, and the hogs failing to covert on 4 th down.
Drops by receivers. The defense gave the hogs a chance to win!

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It does not happen to him a whole lot

In fact it rarely happens. He is not a threat to break one but he is very solid on making the catch. You are reacting emotionally today. I’m sure there is a stat in this somewhere, but Parodi is extremely reliable in making the catch


Just wish he would have caught it. It was the first of a few things going wrong

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Every game left is winnable. That’s the good news.

Happens a lot?

That is simply not true.