Where do the Cowboys go from here?

I don’t expect a lot of changes, except for the head coach. If Jerry does not unload the bank vault and go for a great young coach like Kyle Shanahan or Mike Tomlin, I expect him to go for Kellen Moore. He just can’t seem to attract a great coach, which is the winning edge for a franchise.

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Shanahan or Tomlin? Cowboy fans are so delusional.


I know it is a long shot, but you have to go after the best. If that does not work, you move down the list.

By the way, I pulled for the 49ers today.


Tomlin is signed through 2024.Shanahan through 2025. Neither is going to the dumpster fire in Arlington. Moore is going to be a head coach somewhere more than likely. Maybe Dallas

He had a great coach in Johnson, but Jones wanted to claim all the glory and credit for what Jimmy did and managed to destroy that relationship after one of the superbowls if I remember correctly. Jerry has an ego that will never let a coach be bigger then him, unlike most other owners. He also wants someone that allows him to be more involved in the day to day and game day coaching. Jerry likes “yes” men and those rarely get you to the promise land. In my opinion that is known and thats why he never draws interest from the “big time” coaches and will be stuck with up and comers or old retreads.

Now I cannot claim any of this as fact, just what people that might know have told me and things from watching and listening through the years. But its my opinion based on many factors and I’m sticking to it.


You are right, and it’s cost Dallas for 25+ years. It’s probably time to see if Jerry can get Sean Payton, and get the hell out of his way. Dallas has plenty of talent, but they haven’t had a real coach since Jimmy. Parcels, maybe.

If Kellen Moore was responsible for that last play call, I’d have a lot of reservations about turning over an entire team to him. That had to be one of the worst decisions in playoff history.


Great reason to promote him :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sigh I’m a lifer Cowboy Fan. Sure miss the days of Staubach and company with Coach Landry.
Gil Brandt was such a talent genius and innovator.
Then Jerry took over and immediately put a bad taste in Cowboys Fans mouths how he treated Landry & rest of the organization.
Jimmy Johnson resurrected them with the draft after the blockbuster Herschel Walker trade. Then Jerry wrecked that affair eventually. Been barely treading water ever since.
Sigh again.

I’m not sure you blame that all on Moore. Dak didn’t handle clock well at all there. I’m still not sold on Dak as QB1 in Dallas, but Jerry is. Take that for what you will.


I blame it on whoever allowed the play call to make its way to Dak’s helmet.

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I agree with you Matt. Unbelievable!

Fair enough. Dallas is just a mess. A very talented mess. Just a head scratcher.

I’ve been a Cowboys fan for 30 seasons. I could write a dissertation on what I think is wrong with the team, but I think it boils down to poor personnel decisions on players who tie up too much of the salary cap or continually make mistakes that cost the team.

For instance, I’ve thought Randy Gregory should be cut or traded for three years. The headaches he causes are not worth whatever good he provides with his play. The penalties today are a perfect example.


If any of Jerry’s family want to go to court and prove that he is a nut case, all they have to put into evidence is the state of the Cowboys over the last 20 or so years.

That said, Jerry has made LOTS of money. The team has just generally either sucked or been average.

How do you stay “average” for that long???

Last thought, who ever is the defensive coordinator (show how much I have quit paying attention) is at fault for the loss. SF didn’t punt in the first half. The first drive, was there even a 2nd down?

I don’t want to be too hard on Jerry. He does an awful lot for the Razorbacks, but he has to put his ego aside someday if he ever wants the Cowboys to be relevant again. He has plenty of talent, but, again, he needs to hire a real head coach and get the hell out of the way.

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I bet McCarthy gets canned. They keep having issues with penalties and game management—2 areas that are huge separators for HCs.


That same Jerry ego seems to trickle down to some of the players. Think they are entitled regardless of performance.
As Matt alluded to “headache players” with talent but,
You’re right it’s gonna take a strong HC with big b…. to right that ship.

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I have a question for you, Matt. Do you think Dak is a Super Bowl QB? Personally, I don’t, and I think Zeke is way overrated.

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but they haven’t had a real coach since Jimmy. Parcels, maybe.???
Are you sure you don’t mean Jimmy Johnson?