Where did “score the basketball” come from?

You could always “score” and “shoot the ball”, but now you hear, “He can really score the basketball “.

It always sounds odd to me. I wonder if anybody is credited with coming up with that phrase?

That phrase nauseates me as much as football coaches wearing visors. :roll_eyes:

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Oh goodness I can’t stand that. Definitely last 5 - 7 years. Someone who says it all the time is our own Jimmy Dykes.

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Maybe they are referring to a guy with really long fingernails who is scratching up the leather basketball. :thinking:

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The only way you can score isn’t it.

Let’s all just agree to stop using this very awkward phrase

Those bothered by this phrase should avoid watching Coach’s pressers. He often says it.

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Age is really starting to show on this board, I guess.
The phrase doesn’t really bother me but,
Score is Score any way you shake it in basketball.

There are all kinds of sports phrases like that that drive me crazy. Not just “score the basketball” (and I play basketball). How about a football one, “timeout on the field”. Where else would the timeout be?

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Shhh, next will be timeouts on the court.

Agree. They use that to let you know neither team called time out. So why not just say “officials time out”. I guess that would make too much sense. That is how they say it in basketball games.

I’m with you.

Jimmy isn’t ours anymore. He makes me sick with the Kentucky and Cheating Cal love. He’s over the top IMO. That is my OPINION!

And how about “ the painted area”? I miss “the paint.”

My favorite was “time out from the game” from Water Boy. :smile:

Why do the NFL quarterbacks get to wear a cap when they are on the bench, but the other players don’t wear a cap? Weird.

Because they are always on the headphones with the OC, frequently in the booth. If he’s on the sidelines, they are sitting together on the bench reviewing the board.

The QB can wear a cap, not a helmet, on the bench because he is (usually) the team’s cap-tain :smile:.


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