Where did our team go?

Barford another no show so far.
C.J. can’t even hit the rim from three.

While Thompson has hit a couple jumpers, don’t understand all his PT. Cook needs his minutes.
He will defend at least.

Macon is our only scorer these days.
Tough to win with one playmaker on the road.

Hope we turn it around.

People will slam Mike today.
I see it coming. But at some point your players gotta go make plays.

No reason to slam Mike. Usually we lose a few games like this, we got it turned around last year, what’s disappointing is I had hoped we could win enough this year to get a solid seeding in tourney.

Not happening. No defensive effort on the road. This team will not make the NCAA tournament.

People leaping head first off the bandwagon after hurting themselves trying to jump on last Saturday.

They have not played great on the road this week. Neither has North Carolina, who has gone 0-2.

It’s not as if Auburn is a bad team.

The SEC has a lot of teams that are very even.

It’s my fault. I got passionate and engaged during the TN game after being indifferent the past couple of years. I’ll go back to not caring and they’ll do better. I swear I’m a jinx to sports teams. When I really care, they just struggle. Only the St Louis Cardinals overcome me.

Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Cowboys, and Razorback football should ban me :frowning:

If you are talking to me, I believe in Mike. I just get too up or down during games. I was frustrated last week and made a comment about us not playing well against good teams, of course it was wrong. But we sure aren’t looking very good the last two games. I am hoping Tennessee turns out to be a great win bc losing to teams that likely won’t make Dance isn’t not gonna help our cause come March. In fairness though to your UNC comparison, they lost to a top 10 team. But as I posted earlier, we always lose a couple on road with poor showing, see Mizzou last year. There is a lot of time left in season.

I agree. It’s not about jumping on or off the wagon. It’s simply saying that if this team cannot play better on the road then we will not make the NCAA tournament. I want to beat Kentucky and Florida. I could care less what else happens this year…we’ll, not really. I know this team can turn it around but good coaches have seen the blue print on how to beat this team…play physical. I like Hawgball and don’t want a coaching change. Mike just needs to find 8 junk yard dogs and get us back to prominence.

These games happen with our style of play.
Not saying they happen all the time, but it is a weakness in our philosophy, in my opinion. And these are the things that I complained about last year and I was vilified.

If we can’t run, we become stagnant.

If teams can protect the ball, they will get open looks and drives.

It makes us look very schizophrenic. We can look amazing and we can look amazingly bad. And it frequently happens within the course of individual games. We may go on a tear and make this game close. We can also give away a 20 point lead in a heartbeat.

I love it when it is going good, but when we go bad we look awful. That’s just the way it is.

I feel the same way… maybe I just shouldn’t watch? Wait… that didn’t work for the Cowboys…

Agree… we’re just not built for the full time half court game… no steals means no fast breaks and then we get very stagnant in half court…if we’re not shooting the 3 well then we’re done.

It’s early in the season and I still have hope and understand these types of games happen. I think I allowed myself to get too pumped about this team early on…expectations were too high so it’s painful to come back to reality :frowning:

This is not the 90’s Razorback’s which would be up by double digits by now…but the moment we get national attention comparisons arise.

This team along with 7-8 other SEC programs will get seeded in the NCAA Tournament.

Now how deep we go is debatable.

Ridiculous statement. I was encouraged by Hall’s play tonight. Glad CMA got him in the game at a hostile venue. Just like Bud Walton can be a buzz saw, Aubie can be as well. There won’t be many games where Macon and Barford have the same bad half. Relax, this team will be somewhere between a 4 seed and an 7 seed in the NCAA.

This was all about Auburn playing well. Beard and Macon didn’t shoot well, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that Auburn was hitting their shots. That we closed it to 7 toward the end was a surprise. We just couldn’t maintain the momentum and finish. Both Auburn and Miss State are better teams than folks thought. LSU beating A&M is going to make our next game a tough one too as they will be pumped up with confidence.

Well all those excuses make me feel better about it. Oh for the glory days

We are a senior laden team.

Our juco recruits last year have been stellar and Gafford is off the charts as a freshman and other young guys may be good.

We have lacked at the 4 for some time.

And perhaps for that reason or philosophy we don’t seem to like balance of inside game on the road to get to the line and keep D’s honest.

Instead preferring to bomb from outside.

Works better at home than on the road.

Got to give our guys credit for playing strong in the paint at times but hard to win that game.

I’m not sure if we are still missing some pieces or If philosophy or game coaching on the road hinders is at times.

Would love to see a stronger Nolan like all out press as well, but that might not be Mike’s thing.

I like to think Mike just needs a few upgrades to break into elite program status but maybe we are close.

I just don’t know.

Was hopeful for just enough improvement to get higher seed in NCAA to help us get back to second weekends where we belong.

Hope still a shot this year and every year as a program to have a sweet sixteen program more annually than not.

Fact others in SEC are now NCAA caliber should never be an excuse why we can’t beat them.

My view of program is colored by youth of Sutton and Nolan and what seemed to be a rite of passage that we were better than most in conference.

Never satisfied to be just one of the guys even if several will make NCAA.

No shame in losing to State or Auburn back to back.

But in my heart, the Arkansas program is one both should always be chasing.