Where can you find ref crews for the games?

I swear on box scores you use to be able to see the ref crew listed. I figured if
I could find Perry’s name on an earlier game we would be safe from having him
in our game. It seems they no longer put that in the box? Anyone have any idea
where that info might be found?

And also, any one know Perry’s number on his shirt? I think its 40 or 41. I figure
that will help me see if he is in a current game when they show various closeups?

He was the home plate umpire last night so he should not be behind the plate for our game.

I would think he’d be the third base ump for us tonight.

He looks like a “weasel” Can’t miss. :sunglasses:

He was on third base for the Florida vs Texas game.

So, if the two crews continue to do one game and miss the next, then P.C. should not be umpiring our game at all Wednesday.