Where are you from?

Born and raised in Camden, where I graduated from Camden High School (back when Camden and Fairview were separate school districts). Graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1968 and stayed another year to work on my masters degree. Moved to Dallas and taught at J. J. Pearce High School in Richardson. Met and married Larry, and we moved to St. Louis in early 1971. Then moved to Huntsville, AL, in 1972, and back to Fayetteville in 1974. The first year we were there I taught in the UofA Journalism Department for one of my former professors who was on leave to write a book. Then I taught at Fayetteville High School for two years. To Little Rock in 1977 where I taught first at Parkview and then at Pulaski Academy. Moved to Texarkana in 1984 and to Birmingham in 1989. Have been here ever since. Stayed true to the Razorbacks, and in spite of spending most of their growing up in Birmingham, all three of my sons are graduates of the University of Arkansas.

Reminds me of the 1969 Big Shootout. As the game went to a commercial break between the 3rd and 4th quarters, my Dad looked at me and said “I think we’ve got 'em, son!”. We all know what happened next.

To the point of the thread:

    • Born in Fort Smith, to parents who met at the U of A after Dad returned from WWII (he was from Abilene, TX; Mom from LR)
    • Dad worked at Chaffee, and he got a transfer to White Sands Missle Range (WSMR) in N. Mexico when I was 1 year old. We lived briefly in Las Cruces, NM, then relocated to a house on base once one opened up. This is the first place I remember.
    • Moved to El Paso - about 40 miles away - when I was 7 and Dad commuted to WSMR each day while we lived in EP. I went all through school in EP, graduating from Andress High School, and then I attended UTEP. Was sports editor of the UTEP student newspaper for a year. I remember listening to Dicky Morton's big night vs. Baylor on a radio while in the press box for a UTEP football game in the Sun Bowl. Also, attended several Sun Bowl games over the years. Remember seeing in those games (among others) Tony Dorsett (with Pitt), Donny Anderson (TT), Mel Renfro (Oregon) and Bert Jones (LSU).
    • After earning a B.S. degree in Math at UTEP, came to DFW in early 1976 as a computer programmer for Texas Instruments. Have lived in various parts of the DFW metroplex ever since.

Born in Little Rock in 1952
Raised in Forrest City, Des Arc, and Mississippi County on cotton farm near Osceola
Graduated UA in 1974
Worked in Pine Bluff 5 years
Worked in Greenville , Ms 19 years
Worked in Chicago 1 Year
Worked in Mexico City 2 years
Worked in Montreal 2 years
Worked in Toronto 2 years
Have worked and lived in St. Louis, Mo last 14 years.
Retired in fall 2013 and turned 65 last August.

Attended my first Hawg football game at WMS in 1960 and been calling Hogs every since --1969 Game of Century the worse and 1965 Cotton Bowl and 1994 NCCA Basketball the. best
I have met Hawg fans in every town that I have lived or worked which is amazing to this day to me.

Born in IL moved to AR at age of 6
Lived in Delaplaine very small town probably only duck hunters have heard of till I was 24
moved to Jonesboro at 24 or so have lived there 20 plus years.
been a hog fan since watching the basketball telecast on the local tv station and been cheering for them ever since.
My job takes me all over the USA but still try to keep a close eye on my team.

from Marion, Ar. Born in Memphis, Tn. lived in Marion for 17 years, graduated high school there then off to school in Fayetteville. Back to work in Memphis, Tn. for 3 years transferred to Colorado, Ft. Collins and Dillon for 4 years, yeah i worked but was mostly a ski bum. Moved to Little Rock in 1981, have lived in mid town Little Rock to present.

Texarkana Arkansas/Texas

Born and raised in Helena Arkansas. Hog fan since 1964 when hometown heroes Ken and Dick Hatfield and Billy Gray helped lead us to the promised land. Graduated High School in 76. Been a rambling, scrambling, ambling but never a Grambling man ever since. UALR-Little Rock for a year then Hattiesburg Mississip where I graduated from Southern Miss 10 years before Mista Fav-ruh. Short stints in Long Beach and Newton Mississippi then Jacksonville, Tallahassee and West Palm Beach Florida. Atlanta Georgia for 21 years before moving to the St. Louis area for seven years. Maumelle AR for a few years helping my elderly father. Currently holed up in a cozy cottage in Sainte Genevieve Missouri, writing my first novel.

Born in Benton at Saline Memorial in '93
Lived in Little Rock and Arkadelphia as a toddler
K-12 in Sparkman, Arkansas (Pop.: 427 and dwindling)
Moved to Fayetteville for college, graduated and spent one year working at the paper in Fort Smith where I got to cover future Razorback Isaiah Joe’s sophomore season
Been living in Fayetteville since August 2016

Born in Paragould, Arkansas, but we actually lived in Missouri at the time (right on the boarder). We moved to Paragould shortly thereafter.

Lived there until went to college at Hendrix (class of 1986) and then law school at UofA (class of 1989).

Spent one year in Jefferson City, Missouri, then 2 years in Fort Smith, then back to Paragould for 4 years, then Conway for the last 22 years. I have now lived in Conway longer than anywhere else. (If you add in my college years in Conway it isn’t even close!)

Born and raised in Searcy area.

I’ve lived in North Little Rock for over 30 years.

Born in Dumas, AR in 1966 (folks are from Malvern & Arkadelphia - dad was Elementary School Principal in Dumas when I was born).
Moved to Gurdon, AR at 1 year old when dad took a job selling school books.
Moved to Burlington, NC in 1968 and lived there until 1978.
Moved to NE Atlanta, GA in 1978 and graduated Norcross HS in 1984.

Freshman year of college at University of Arkansas in 1984-85
Hatfield was FB coach and Sutton was in his last year - fun seasons!
Loved watching Joe Kleine, Charles Balentine and the boys take on Phi Slamma Jamma & John Konkak at SMU

Transferred to Georgia Tech and finished undergrad Civil Engineering degree in 1989
Bill Curry & Bobby Cremins had some very good teams.
Got to see Mark Price, John Salley, Tom Hammonds, Brian Oliver, Bruce Dalrymple, Kenny Anderson, Dennis Scott & others up close playing against Duke, UNC, Maryland, UVA, etc. - Grant Hill, Ferry, Bilas, Laetner, Amaker, Johnny Dawkins, Kenny Smith, JR Reid, Horace Grant, Len Bias… some great years to see ACC hoops!) Atlanta Hawks battles between the teams led by Dominique Wilkens, Tree Rollins & Doc Rivers against the Celtics, Lakers & Bucks (Moncrief) was a great time to be a sports fan in the ATL.

Returned to the UofA for a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering in 1989. Finished in 1991.
Last year of Hatfield with Grovey, Foster, Rouse, and the gang running the option the way it was meant to be

Been living & working in Little Rock for the last 26 years.

Born in LR
Raised in Sheridan
Graduated from U0fA in 1986
Lived in Coral Gables, FL ever since

First 18 years in Pine Bluff
Next 12 years in Tulsa
Next 7 years in Houston
Next 4 years in Miami
Next 8 years in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Atlanta
Last 10+ years in Los Angeles

I’ve got no family left in PB, they all got out when they could, and just a couple of nephews in NW Ark. The Hogs are pretty much my only link to my home state.

Birthplace - Yazoo City, MS
K- 4 : Arlington, TX
4-12: Harrison, AR
Freshman - Okie Lite
Soph-Senior - UA, The Hill 1995
95-98: Fayetteville
98-2000: OKC
2000-2002: Montgomery, AL
2002:- 2003: Albuquerque, NM
2003- Current: Little Rock

Born in Texarkana, Texas, raised in Texarkana, Arkansas. Went to the Dallas area for a job opportunity, then to Tulsa and back to Dallas before finally moving back to Texarkana. Married an Aggie girl from White Oak, Texas and have three kids. Every day is a battle. We really need to start beating A&M!!!

… of Hawgs I’ve ever seen. Folks have been all over the place! Interesting!

Born in Mtn Home raised all over the world but graduated from Mt Home HS

Harding College (University) grad

Lived in Detroit a few years

30 years in North Alabama and still keep a home there

Last 4 years working in Indianapolis

Born and raised in Camden, AR. College in Magnolia & Arkadelphia. Worked in LR for 34 years. Retired to Hot Springs Village to work on my golf game. Still working on it !!

Born in Tulsa, moved to Cedarville in 1964. Moved to Tulsa area at 20. Been here ever since. I also hate OU

Raised in Elkins, Ar
Graduated from UofA 99 BS and 01 with MS
Moved to Lafayette, La for two years
Been in Spring / Tomball area Tx for past 14 years
Go Hogs!