Where are we with coaches?

Are all positions filled or are we still looking to fill a spot or two?

Have one spot open

To have an empty spot open, we sure aren’t hearing much chatter. I wasn’t for sure if Bowman was out or not either.

Looks like Woodson will coach DBs and safeties and Williams will coach LBs. Of course they could change that depending on who Sam brings in to replace Bowman numerically.

Was DB Anthony Brown’s announced departure last night via portal due to unknowns or changes in the coaches on defense &/or Bowman’s departure? He thanked Odom & Bowman but no one else on the UofA staff. Brown was highly recruited but did not play last season so perhaps we have better incoming & current talent such that he realized that he was not expected to start.

I didn’t know he announced he was leaving…

There hasn’t been an official announcement, and Bowman’s Twitter page still says UA assistant, but I understand he’s been eased out, and basically already replaced with Woodson.

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One of the posters on another board who has proven to have inside information in the past has said that the new coach will help Woodson with the defensive backfield. We’ll see.

Woodson played safety and has coached that position previously. I would think Arkansas might hire someone to work with specifically with cornerbacks like Bowman did.

I agree and it is necessary to upgrade the recruiting on the side of ball that has been behind the needed talent level for a long time. Elite cornerbacks are as hard to find as defensive tackles and ends.