Where are those Omahog 2018 t-shirts sold?

I see a bunch on TV on the stands. They have the stylized “A” in the logo. I haven’t seen any online. Does anybody know if they are available?

I think they are pretty ubiquitous now. The original ones are from Houndstooth Clothing Co. in Fayetteville.

I got mine at B-Unlimited in Fayetteville

I bought one at Baum two or three years ago; of course it wasn’t a 2018 edition. I’ve seen some on TV this week with a CWS logo so I assume that is being sold at TDA.

I’ve looked online at those sites. I’ve seen ones that were close, but not the same. I live out of state. I’ll keep looking.

Hogmans Game day University Ave Little Rock and Outlet Mall. JFK north little rock hot springs on Corner stone and Fayetteville MLK. Conway and Fort Smith

I sent my old lady out today to find one of these. Houndstooth made the original OmaHawgs shirt but they no longer have the rights and don’t have any this year. B Unlimited have something similar but those have buttons on the top and do not say 2018 like the ones you have seen on TV. Hogman HogPen does not have these either. In asking around some more, I have heard these might only be available in Omaha and have sold out due to a large number of Nebraska fans buying them in addition to the hog fans. Has anyone found these anywhere other than Omaha?

https://www.lawlorscustom.com/arkansas- … eeve-shirt