Where are the rest of the Charlie Browns?

I just know Lucy is going to pull that football, but here I am getting ready for the game in one hour. I’ve been so grumpy the last week. My wife and the dogs are praying for a win.

Go Hogs!!!

I’m praying for a win as well.

I should throw in the towell but they have been my team since I was a kid watching Sutton.

If anyone has suffered like Cubs fans in college bball it has to be us.

As always, my day begins with time of game circled and trying to arrange kids errands around so can be back to watch game.

Understand I’ve got all my running done early and I schedule my day based on tip off. Always have. Hope we get a win!

The Cubs fans - up until this year - have suffered much more.

Not even close.

Cubs fans only have to suffer from April to September in most years. Hog fans have seen a bad basketball team a year ago, followed by a bad baseball team, followed by a bad football team, followed by a waning basketball team. Hope the baseball team pulls us out of the doldrums.