Where are the Maui Classic couples?

We started this journey together this year, let’s now gather in Vegas and push them along.


I was just checking flights! What is ticket situation?

Fred said he got seats readily through Vivid.

Here’s the Ticketmaster link:


I would seriously consider going but I’m going on a business trip next week to beautiful Lake Charles, LA, through at least Friday.

Real good on Vivid seats thirty minutes ago, at $238 for upper tier seats. Lots of choices. Let us know if you go. I’ve talked Jan’s sister into coming too.

The arena website directs you to SeatGeek:

MrsBsWax and I will be there! Hawg Ball, Miranda Lambert and Caesar’s Sports Book … sounds like a great weekend :smiley:


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It’d be nice to get together. We won’t be going to the Strip, but if you can figure a way to get together. let’s do it!

Jim and Pam are going. Haven’t heard from Gas. OH, just now see that you will be busy, busy. You might not have time.

We’ll figure it out … need to get the gang together even if it’s just for drinks … maybe we should hang out with the coaches at the pool bar? :wink:


durn tootin! Somehow get the word to them that the Maui gang wants to buy them drinks–again.

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If we win Thursday night, we’re going on Saturday, unfortunately I have a commitment on Thursday.

We will be in Vegas on Saturday. Not sure I can afford tickets for Saturday. Bucket list stuff!