Where are the Jacksons?

Kendrick, Colton, Koilan
Have not heard anything about these guys… did they transfer?.. hurt?.. when will they return?

No fullbacks in this system

Back surgery - hopefully back next week

Has not cracked the depth chart

Kendrick is a man without a position.
Colton is sidelined from July back surgery for a couple more weeks
Koilan hasn’t cracked the depth chart.

Pretty close lol

Koilan is still working his way back from his ACL injury last year.

Yes, two of the three are coming off surgery. I do think Colton Jackson will be the starter at LT for North Texas. Koilan Jackson is doing well. Still regaining confidence in that knee. His dad was at the game Saturday and thinks he’ll work his way into the rotation later this season. The knee surgery wasn’t until about this time last year. There are still times he favors it a little. But Koilan is up beat and positive that he’s nearing full speed. Kendrick Jackson was on the field to end the game. He was the deep back in the victory formation. He’s a TB and a former LB, perfect for that. I do think there are some short yardage situation where you might see Kendrick at running back.