Where are the Belima proud?

24-23 in his tenure here? This guy can’t compete in SEC West!

I’m right here!

I’ve said it once I’ll say it again

“Rebuilding Year”

I’m not going to be too critical

Next year may change my mind

But JFB was a great coach and he had games like this in rebuilding years

Not happy just resolved it’s a rebuilding year and I hope AA doesn’t get killed

I’m still here. Not happy, but I still think he is the man.

Rebuilding from what?

LOL. I agree. What a joke.

world-class trolling.

28-10 so far?

And your point worth considering is?

LSU has had this game circled for awhile. Sure, they’d much rather beat Alabama, no question. But they have grown tired of us cruising in after their losing to Alabama. They were locked in and ready to win. We, on the other hand, are an enigma–up one week, down the next. I’ve not given up on CBB but there may be a need to shuffle some staff at some point. But I just think LSU decided to be physical for a change against us and showed no ill effects from a physical game the week before.

world-class trolling.[/quote

Really Dudley? Trolling? So you leave no room at all for the critique that Bielema, in year 4, has not achieved like he should? In year 4, to take ass whippings like this and at Auburn? He is Houston Nutt with more media savvy and general BS. That’s what he was at Wisky, and all he’ll ever be here and anywhere else. Year 4, Dudley. The disparity in talent is stark. Bama, A&M, Auburn, LSU, and others.

blah blah blah blahblah blah blah

You must’ve really enjoyed that 94 yard TD run. Tiger Bait…

seriously beilema had the worst defeat in razorback history on top his tenure with losing record, and you want to call any criticism of his performance trolling??? lol ok look forward to way more of where that comes from. if this is trolling I hate to see what another year of bert ball brings smh

“Worst defeat”? Are you 8? Before the game did you ask who we were versing this week?

I’m just one of many still on board with CBB, this is still the Sec west. Everyone hates losing,everyone wants to compete and we have at times but not consistently and that’s where the rub is with me concerning CBB and CMA. I believe both of these coaches are two of the most honest,caring guys you could get to take care of your players and are good coaches to go along with thier personality. But so far inconsistency separates them both from being good coaches to becoming great coaches at Arkansas. It’s my believe that they will both become the coaches we will be proud of if we can be patient enough to see this through. Not going to be easy and will continue to come slower than we like more than likely. Looking at our conference we see Alabama dominating and everyone else cannibalizin each other weekly with staggering upsets that no one see coming and injuries that take you from the playhouse to the outhouse overnight. If we can win out the last two games we can finish with 8 - 4, which is better than most thought and we have won the games we thought we should plus a bonus win at TCU but the way we have lost has overshadowed the way we have won. Basically starting a first year QB and RBs and more freshman playing this season we have managed to possibly scratch out a good season and another bowl game. Time is all we have at this point. WPS

You make some good points, but why does it always have to be “wait till next year?” This is year 4 of the good-guy, let’s have good GPAs and APRs and no arrests, and “football is fun again” experiment. Meanwhile, we’ve got one of the worst run defenses I’ve ever seen in Fayetteville, no home-run-hitting team speed, the supposed strength of the coach and team (offensive line) is patchwork in year 4 and a disaster, and the team is now prone to looking unprepared and getting blown out a la Houston Nutt’s era. The talk about recruiting disadvantages and tough scheduling is growing tiresome. Excuses. This ought to be a results business. And by “results” I mean wins. Not good GPAs and no arrests. There are coaches out there that can get it done in Fayetteville. They can win big. The money and resources are there. It takes skill and competence. Bielema just doesn’t have it. I will always believe that. Problem is, Jeff Long never will.

Yes, trolling.

The definition of an internet troll: a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement.

Instead of going after the coach, the original poster chose to go after those who support or have supported Bielema - or as he said Belima.

Absolutely Bielema and his staff deserve criticism. Yes, there is a disparity between the Arkansas talent and the teams you mentioned.

But yes , while I know it is cool in America today to go after each other - instead of just debate the issues - it is not something that is suppose to happen on this board.

Something we should nip in the bud.

Just say Bielema is not getting the job done instead of drawing out folks

They were also trying to get the win to keep Orgeron as their coach. Orgeron knew he needed the win and he could motivate them. I am firmly behind CBB.

This is a great post. We have to recruit some studs and slobber knockers. I thought we had a few of them, but they didn’t pan out to a point that we had to move a Defensive Lineman to Oline. Our 2 JUCOs did not perform when they got on campus so one was RS’ed. CBB has a history of good Olineman and nationally recognized for putting Olineman in the NFL, so I think he can recover from the recent misses better than anyone. Don’t forget the change in coaches from Pittman to Anderson causing a problem in recruiting.

We are fortunate to have CBB. The losses to AU and LSU sting worse but we have a chance to go 8-4. Misstake is looking tougher at home but we can beat them.