Where are the 6-8 constant complainers?

Is complaining, attacking Bielema, predicting gloom and doom all they got? We got beat by two teams in the top five in the nation and the board was full of “when do we fire Bielema”, “why did that idiot Long fire Petrino”, “he has had four years and look how pathetic our O-line, defense, special teams, etc. are playing”. Are they fans of the Razorbacks or just fans of complaining?

You could ask where some of the “CBB is great” and “Long is the man” crowd was when we lost.

You could ask where some of the “CBB is great” and “Long is the man” crowd was when we lost.
[/quote] There were a number of posts disagreeing with their agenda. You may be the first negative nellie so far. I am sure the others are lurking on the board. Let’s see if they got anything other than more complaining to contribute.

Good point. I’m so sickintired of some of these posters… :smiley:


Hey, I have never been “a CBB is the guy” fan. Now, saying that, yesterday was a GREAT win. I honestly thought we would lose. I give credit to the coaches and staff. As for my reply to you, there are 2/3 posters that irritate me with the Petrino is a God crap, but when they’re on here a lot of those lurking today celebrating the win are nowhere to be found. Those are just as bad as the others. If you notice I’m on here win or lose, and I give credit where it’s due.

Now, I’ll be 100% honest, there is one particular poster that irritates me (and the board) enough that I hope we win out and go to the Sugar Bowl against Louisville and beat them by 60. Just cause I want to see him disappear. Is that too much to ask for?

I totally don’t mind posters that are honest and don’t have either a “sunshine pumper-homer” agenda or an “all I got is hate and I can’t wait for a chance to vent it” agenda. Someone who acknowledges the good gets listened to when they point out the bad. People who only got a one trick pony deserve to be ignored.


For what its worth, I appreciate your take on things. You tend to be a bit more grounded and less likely to consume vast quantities of kool aid, but you take your lumps when you are wrong and make good arguments when you disagree with the status quo. I know you have made me re-examine my perception more than once on various topics.

I just can’t help drinking the kool aid.

I drank diet Kool-Aid one time. Once you do that, you always look for something else :wink:

RW just doesn’t have good enough break away speed. LOL ok just take away all his yardage and TDs and see where we’d be.

Just be thankful he was playing for us and not against us.

Don’t forget how many HDN lovers, Gussiah lovers and Petrino Lovers are still in our fan base that want to stir the pot all the time. I was shocked to see all 3 in action when I was at the Texas St game. That was the weekend Louisville’s shocking beat down of FSU, so the Petrino lovers felt compelled to take pride in BP and say Long should have been the one to be fired. Louisville’s rise has created the worst element of negativity. The HDN lovers felt that he had been punished enough, the OM allegations had very little to do with him so they felt it was time to say he could do a better job than CBB. Gussiah lovers were numerous but not as subdued as I expected because he is on the hot seat. They are actually given hope that CBB could be fired and Gus be hired before AU fires him. I was stunned and angry but had no way of explaining this to my daughter.

I’m one of the “CBB is great crowd.” And I went nowhere when we lost. Never do. I thought Bielema was an excellent coach at Wisconsin. Think he’s an excellent coach now. I agreed with Clay when Clay called him possibly the best “fit” for Arkansas since Broyles. I believe the way he’s building the program will last.

I also always try to come and post after a win. The board goes strangely quiet after wins. I think people tend to sit back and enjoy wins within their circle of friends off the board…but then come to the board and vent frustrations for lots of people they don’t even know. Never have understood that.

I won’t disagree with you about that.

There should be more wins than losses the rest of the way. Of course, there have been more wins than losses in the first half of the season. I thought 5-2 was about as good as they could do in the first seven games before the season. I didn’t think 6-1 was doable. I figured there were four tough ones in that stretch (TCU, Texas A&M, Alabama and Ole Miss). All very, very good teams. To beat two of them is pretty good. I think that makes a lot of folks happy. I’ve always said there is more posting after a loss. That’s just the norm of our society.

My wife says I tend to pay more attention to things that are wrong at home than all that’s right. I am guilty as charged of that. She says I do enjoy her cooking, but point out the times I don’t like it more than when I do. I have tried to do better. Of course, she says she can tell by how quickly I finish my plate or go for seconds and knows without me having to say anything. She said I can tell her I like it, but she knows I don’t. That’s not altogether comparable to what we have going on here.

Here’s challenging everyone to offer up more praise around those they love than they’ve done in the past. Encouragement and praise makes the world go better. It sure makes life in the home go better.

You can find things to praise your children even when you don’t see everything right. There are things you can pick out that you like when there are some that you don’t. Try to do that.

As I’m quite willing to cite my perceptions of deficiencies, when material, I’ll weigh in on the apparent dark side.

Most importantly I believe the offense has played above general expectations. On the flip side, the defense has been significantly below my expectations; at least until the second half of the OM game.

I see nothing “complaining” about citing my perception (if not fact) that the defense greatly underperformed in the first half if the season.

I’ve been running this website for seven seasons. It has been my experience that there are always about two to three times more posts after a loss than a win.

That is life. It is just easier to find something to complain about and defend that detail than it is to put forth something positive and defend that against all of the “yeah, but what about this negative and how about that negative.” Lots of people just enjoy tearing something down more than lifting something up.

I firmly believe there is a segment of our fan base that enjoyed the “running Houston Nutt off” process and looks forward to doing that again no matter who it is. They felt empowered when they subpoenaed his cell phone records, flew banners on airplanes over the stadium, and attacked him over and over on websites. I agreed it was time for him to go because of recruiting failures but I was embarrassed by the whole process.

When I was in the Army, the saying was “You dont worry till they stop complaining” and “If he ain’t complaining, he ain’t happy”

I figure that fits a lot of situations

For the record, GREAT WIN! I thought we outplayed Ole Miss. The fans saying Ole Miss gave us this one instead of us winning it didn’t watch the same game I did. We beat them in just about (if not all) stats. The defense looked MUCH MUCH better. Proud of my Hogs.

I am a BB doubter. I am not and have not said I think he should be fired. I just have doubts. I don’t like Gus. I thought it was time for Nutt to go, but generally supported him while he was here. I liked BP a lot (winning will do that to you). I didn’t want him fired. As more and more things have come out about him years after the fact, I have cooled my feelings toward him.

IMO, anyone who doesn’t see & like what/how CBB is building this program just isn’t looking very hard. He will get us to where we want to be if we’ll let him or he doesn’t give up and go elsewhere. We just have such built in disadvantages compared to most other teams in the SEC, and it will take time. We really should NEVER be able to compete with Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, Auburn, etc. , but we do. For all of the BP cronies out there, he was losing to the top teams in the SEC too. Even with his best team.