Where are our fans? Have we forgotten heritage?

Time to come back and be among the best crowds in the country again.

This team just might be channeling the early 90s.

Their play this weekend deserved much better support. It was galling that those touch fouls were being called at the beginning of the second half without the crowd howling in protest. The refs should have felt like the rafters were about to come down.

The crowds will pack the Bud this year.
I think they are getting close to the 90’s talent level. This team can flat make shots from all over the floor.
Fouls will be an issue this year in games we play Kentucky and Florida like always.
I was amazed at some of the whistles.

I thought the crowd for both games were better than this time last year. Perhaps that positive view was fueled by the big entertainment factor of both the men’s and women’s teams. I predict that when the word gets out on both these teams, the crowd will come!


I’m on the band wagon. It appears CMA has one hell of a team this year. Exciting too! Hopefully the fans will quickly return and burst the Bud at the seams. This is a team you don’t want to miss. I know its early, but I have the feeling these Hogs are on a mission…nothing short of a national title run.


If we continue to play exciting ball, then people will show up. I dont think we will ever reach the heyday of the mid 90s in attendance though. it just too easy to watch from home now.

Picture back in the 90’s sucked. it looks like you are in the place now.

The '90s produced a perfect confluence of events that packed the arena for a time - great team, new facility, good economy, lack of games on TV.

With the exception of the places where basketball is the draw over football, attendance is low at every basketball arena this early in the season. I don’t have numbers to back this up, but based on the eye-ball test it appears attendance has been a little higher so far this year than the early games the past several years. My wife and I sat in the stands last night and she made the comment that she was surprised there were that many there on a Sunday evening.

A five o’clock start on a Sunday probably had something to do with it as well…

As athletic and entertaining this group is, I suspect the word will get out in a hurry. They are a fun bunch to watch.

One of the things we look at every year is the RPI Wizard come tourney time (well usually stars around Jan). I looked at it last night after the game, and we are only the underdogs in 4 games (the 2/3 round Phil Knight isn’t listed). If we hit that goal, I think you’ll see the place jam packed and people outside trying to score tickets. Next year will be even more insane.

To get past the fact that almost every game is on TV, you are going to have to have a top 20/top 10 team year in, year out. People just aren’t going to go to a run of the mill game (especially non-conference) for a team that is just OK, when it is on TV. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people will come, but to get back to how it was in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s (when scoring a ticket, even when we were playing a nobody could be a hard thing to do) we are going to have to be a top program again.

Does UK fill up every game? (I assume they are all sell outs, but do the fans fill up the place against even a nobody?) What about Duke?

I am just asking. I don’t know.

I think things will get better. If this team continues to play well look for a big upswing by the time the SEC starts. If this team does well, that will lead to more excitement about next years, etc, etc.

I thought the crowd for a Sunday night game was pretty good. That’s an awful spot to be playing a game. And, it’s mid-November, first weekend of deer season. Too many things going against it, including NFL games on TV. I thought there was a good crowd for all those factors.

Especially since one of those games was the beloved Cowboys. I have no problem missing any NFL game for the Hogs, but others love them some blue star.

I was there Friday I thought it was a decent crowd,I don’t have any vacation left ,but I’m looking at another date to make the 5.5 hr drive before the end of the year

Where are the students? Less than 25% if those seats were occupied yesterday afternoon. Late Sunday, back from going home, I do not get it.

Five PM tip, should have helped the central Arkansas attendees. I was back home at 10:30, included dinner stop.

Just proves that once you lose the crowd, difficult to get back. Same is happening in football now.

Lets fill up the Bud, Friday night.

Since I was a student I don’t think I have ever been to more than one a year (didn’t miss one as a student), and some years none. My youngest is a student at UofA so I have been going to one a year for the last 3 to see him. Now my oldest has moved to NWA so I can see them both. Add to that the fun of watching this team and I think I will try to go to 2 or 3 this year. I would love to do more, but like you say, taking vacation days off is just not an option, so that means weekends, which limits the chances.

and FB weekend…fired up for some hoops can’t wait

Agree. Too many games on TV. When the weather is cold it’s so much easier to sit at home and watch instead of getting there an hour or so before tip off and park and walk to BWA and then head back home after the game.

Comments: I don’t believe Friday’s game is televised, that should bring them out. If I was in a reasonable driving distance I would be there considering flying

Comments: I don’t believe Friday’s game is televised, that should bring them out. If I was in a reasonable driving distance I would be there considering flying