Where are all the NCAA tournament banners in BWA?

First game I have been back to in about twelve years tonight.

Nice atmosphere improvements from the Heath/Pelphrey day’s for sure.

But I thought it very strange that there did not appear any banners in the rafters for the NCAA tournament teams of our history beyond like 2000.

Unless I missed them.

Going back to Barnhill days, I and others looked up at all those banners with pride for the storied history. And always thought intimidating for opponents to see the history as well.

Now it seems like short of the final four banners and a few others, we are dismissing what seems like many of those 30 NCAA tournament teams of regionals and regional finals and sweet sixteens and all in the rafters.

Rafters almost look bare compared to old Barnhill days almost giving impression that we didn’t play ball much before 2000.

It’s almost like joe and Darrell and Alvin and Hastings and several Eddie teams and Nolan teams didn’t have any national rankings or conf titles or success.

Would love to see new banners at least commemorating all those seasons like their once was in the Barnhill rafters.