When will we be good enough to beat a good team? They were tougher, more physical, played better as a team and we way better coached.

Today my friend, didn’t look pretty for sure but that’s the sign of a good team…find a way. Looked great last minute of regulation and OT

Wow… I’ll eat my crow cold if we pull it out somehow.

That’s why you don’t post before the game is over. Our team is never out of it if it’s a close game, we can score in bunches and create turnovers so we’re always in it.

The way better coached team lost a late 10-pt lead, partially because of not being prepared for pressure and partially by jacking up a 3 when they should have run click and made us play D.

I don’t know you and you may be a great fan. Probably are. And, I respect that you came back and ate it.

But, I do tire of every time we lose or appear ready to lose it being because we were severely outcoached.

We were losing because we made uncharacteristic turnovers (many unforced and due to nerves), Tennessee shot really well and we were missing FTs.

A lot of that is on players just as much of the credit for the comeback goes to them for hitting big shots and stepping up to make some good defensive plays.

Comments: LOL :smiley: , you guys are too much, I love it