When Zack Cox was at 3d

for the Hogs, everyone knew he was an eventual high draft pick, but almost no one thought he would be an mlb 3d sacker - he wasn’t, but there is no doubt about mr. martin. he plays the hot spot like he owns it…and like a mlb’er already.

He makes some great plays, due to his plus athletcism. But he also makes more errors than he should.

He projects as a middle infielder; probably second base. And that’s where he’ll be for us next season.

His first step, and ability to guard the line is on par with major leaguers. Most 3d basemen make lots of errors - except eventual hall of famers. I see martin progressing defensively with his physical skills. It would be an absolute waste of his gun to stick him at 2d!

I know the play he made look easy at third the other night, few can make at all.

He has talent pouring out of him.

With respect, I’ll trust DVH’s evaluation/opinion on this subject, and he’s already announced Casey will replay Shaddy at second next year. Of course, things can change with injuries, etc. But that’s been the plan since they signed Casey. In fact, if Carson hadn’t come back for his senior year (and I’m so glad he did!), we’d have seen Casey at 2nd this year.

Personally, I don’t care where he plays so long as DVH and he think it’s where he should be.

I had doubts he was a 3rd baseman earlier in the year. Now, I’m not so sure. Maybe he just needed some experience there? He makes some spectacular plays. Now he needs to make all the routine ones.

I’m like most of you guys. Where ever DVH plays Casey Martin I’ll be fine with it. But I would imagine he will evaluate how the defense will look and play before he makes a final decision.
C- Casey O.
1B- Jordan McFarland ???!
2B- Casey Martin
SS- Jack Kenley
LF- Heston K
CF- D. Fletcher

On the mound
RHP Campbell
RHP Ramage
RHP Bonnin
RHP Bolden
LHP Cronnin
A lot of questions for next season.
Right now I’m concerned about beating Texas!