When you stare down receivers this is what happens

He’s been doing it all year I was afraid this might happen against SEC teams sure didn’t expect it against San Jose State but they’ve had two weeks to prepare our 4-5 pass routes so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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Looked them down like he was some mother bird feeding her chicks. Just awful playing on his part.

True, but to be fair, do you honestly think he would have had time to move through his progressions?

We’ll never know since he threw to the player he looked down and did not attempt to move to the #2, or #3 receiver.

Then it’s the OC fault for not calling plays to get the ball out fast. Our athletes are better than theirs

He did. Some plays were missed and some were made. It’s the nature of the game.

Usually try hard not to criticize players, but he was absolutely horrible tonight. Granted, the OL did not give him a lot of time most of the night, but his continuing interceptions in the red zone were simply too many gut punches to take!

Beginning to understand much better why Jimbo chose Mond to lead the Aggies last year. A&M will light us up like a Christmas tree next week with Mond having a career game – not hard for him to do as every QB we play seems to have a career day against us!

Totally agree General, that is probably a big part of it, he knows he doesn’t have much time the throw. He never has been one who was a real good decision maker from what I understand.He forced some balls tonight for sure.

It’s a mixed bag with him

The last TD pass was an absolute laser like you will see from the guys playing on Sunday

He reminds me of Bret Favre some
Way too many throws into tight coverage but can also make some that are jaw dropping good

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Why didn’t you post this concern before the game?

The last touchdown to Knox he never looked at him until he threw it last second. Same with a few passes to ogrady. Honestly I have no idea what your talking about. He didn’t look down his receivers all the time. He was intercepted because he made the wrong decision. Not because he looked down a receiver.

I did to somebody who messaged me last week…I told him the two things that concern me about starkel was that he stares down his receivers and he has a hard time putting touch on the ball as we saw with the pass to CJ in the end zone. I can’t remember who I talk to but that is exactly what I said to him…

Interesting Youdaman. I never thought about the soft touch, because I’ve seen him hit the deep routes.

He’s better on the some of the long ones but I do remember him missing Burks wide open up the sideline,seems to have more trouble on some shorter throws,he has such a powerful arm I could see where that might be hard to do.

Last week, Nick threw into tight coverage multiple times. Treylon and Trey grabbed balls out of the air that could easily have been intercepted. Maybe that gave him a little too much confidence? Similar passes this week were not caught or easily intercepted.

I do not understand how their guys get so wide open so often and ours are usually covered very tightly.

Their DB’s were pressing and playing tight. Our guys seemed to be playing a soft man to man zone hybrid. Not sure what they were doing to be honest.