When you have 4 hits and

3 errors you aren’t going to beat the sisters of poor!

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We had several hard hit balls last night, unfortunately every one was right at a fielder.

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We played poorly except for pitching, but sometimes that just happens in baseball. They pitched lights out &, as has been pointed out, we hit several right at their fielders. Their CF robbed Opitz of what could have been a double on a very good diving catch. We hit into two costly DP’s.

In some ways the loss doesn’t bother me, but it sure makes the two upcoming games much more important. We badly need to win this series at home. If we don’t, it negates the advantage we got from that sweep at MSU.

This one gets filed under “that’s baseball” for me. Let’s go win the next two.

Or the way Ron Washington always characterized it, “That’s the way baseball go.”.


Give Auburn credit. Their middle infielders were outstanding. The CF made a circus like catch.

I thought Arkansas had a few hits that Auburn’s fielders took away, plus Brody Moore basically singlehandedly turned a couple of double plays that took away run opportunities in the late innings.

If Moore is late to first base on the leaping throw in the seventh or the ball gets past Howell in the eighth, it might have been a different result. Auburn just made all the plays it needed to make, and the defense took pressure off the pitchers. It must be a confident feeling to pitch when your fielders are making those types of plays.

Probably the Hogs had a letdown game after the sweep of MS… next, play ball.

I hope they have received their slap upside their head now, again, realize any team can beat you on any given day. The defensive lapses were sickening. Auburn made the fantastic defensive stops and we failed over and over. Even with that, we had multiple bad results that made for this loss but we could very easily have won the game.

There were two “hits” in the first couple of innings that bounced off the pitchers glove and were fielded for outs. I don’t think he saw either one of them. I said right then, “This might be Auburn’s night.”

I thought the same thing Clay and When Battles started misplacing balls I really though we were in for a weird night

Last night is over that game is history! Move on to today’s game and play ball.
There’s a lot of games to play and our hogs won’t win them all. The ball bounced Auburn’s way last night in every way possible. Our pitchers performed really well the allowing just 2 runs and holding serve. When you allow just 1 earned run and 1 unearned run most of the time you should win.

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