When would we expect an announcement post MO I wonder?

Whether it is retention or dismissal of existing coach, or then after, naming a new one if that’s the case.

Does our UA committee wait to hire an AD first?

Or are we competing enough with other schools for some names of interest that we need move quickly even before naming an AD I wonder?

Seems it may be that some BOT want Gus, if so, I assume he is given offer not long after Iron Bowl, and perhaps we move to a Norvell or another from there.

I would think we move fast, but unsure the committee approach allows for swiftness.

Either way program goes, whether retention or new hire, I assume for recruiting sake there is a desire to show program stability quickly after Missouri one way or the other.

I am not happy to see Bret go. I AM happy it looks like he will be coaching his team through the end of the year. Happy for him, his players, and frankly the program. I have never thought well of programs that fire coaches in the middle of a year. Unless there was a legal or ethical issue. But not wins or losses.

I thought that was one of Broyles’ biggest mistakes. And it flew in the face of his image of class.

I was ashamed of by graduate alma mater LSU for firing Miles in the middle of the year. He deserved FAR better than that.

There will not be any announcement about Gus until at least Sunday probably Monday. There might be an announcement that CBB will not be back either before or maybe even before Friday’s game. You have to remember our game is on Friday but the Iron Bowl isn’t until Saturday!

I do not expect they’ll annouce CBB’s firing until after the MU game. Perhaps as early as Friday night, but perhaps not unitl Saturday. I doubt they’ll wait until Monday, but they might.

If by some chance he’s staying, I have no idea when or if they’d announce that.

Even if there’s some “done deal” with our new coach, I wouldn’t expect that announcement to be made until that coach finishes the last game of his regular season. I’d expect it to come before the bowl game, however. But I don’t know who is hiring our new coach. I doubt it’s the interim AD. (Let me rephrase that. I’m sure it’s not the interim AD.)

I would think CBB’s firing would be announced on Saturday.

As for the new coach, the Iron Bowl really complicates things. If Auburn loses I guess Gus could be announced by Monday. If Auburn wins then they will go to the SEC title game. No way he announces he is leaving with the title game going on. And what if they win the SEC title game and get invited to the Final Four? Could he actually leave Auburn under those circumstances? I highly doubt it. If that is the case then someone like Norvell would have to come into the picture.

As for the AD hire, I would think that would happen before the coach is hired but who knows. Some of the “insiders” don’t think so.

Sometimes this feels like having 2 prom dates but going alone. If we wait on Gus and he stands us up, then what? Not sure I would wait past Saturday unless there is a “Plan”

There are posts on here like Gus is an absolute given. Maybe people have some inside information to that effect, but if so, I just wish they’d say so.

This is as simple as . . . JIMMY SEXTON positioning Gus for a raise.

I understand the concern with Sexton’s motives, but seems Gus has more of his raise in his own hands. Win the Iron Bowl and SEC championship and he has Auburn where he wants them(likely even his detractors). Lose the Iron Bowl and maybe we get a bargain on his buyout. Not saying I believe he is an option or the best option, but just offering a perspective as it relates to Gus.

Plan A rarely comes through for anyone. In recent years it hasn’t happened for blue bloods like Bama football and UK hoops, much less us.

I’m sure it will be Malzahn, just because that’s that’s max misery for me, but it rarely goes as planned for any school.