when will we get an update on Cornelius?

When I saw the first replay with him grabbing the back of his leg I suspected a torn Achilles which would end his season. On the other hand I guess he could get an injury hardship if he wants it.

One thing has occurred to me. I know there are some antibiotics that are linked to a higher incidence of Achilles tendon tears. I learned to avoid those antibiotics when I was running 60 miles a week. I wonder if he might have had some kind of infection and took one of those antibiotics. Probably not, but it’s a possibility

When you lose 10-12 pounds in a week trying to get yourself into better playing shape a lot of the weight is going to be fluid. You create a situation where you risk pulling a major muscle (hamstring, calf) or an achilles issue.

I immediately thought “achilles” when I saw it. If he is lucky, it is a calf muscle and he can be back in mid-November.

Probably tomorrow.

OklaHog I thought the same thing…and I am not a physician…bt that much weight loss…and essentually “shocking yourself” back into shape in 2 weeks…that makes you susceptible.

Having torn my Achilles twice, the moment it happened (actually the moment I saw the replay), I figured that’s what it was. His foot wasn’t caught up on the turf, but he went down and grabbed his ankle. I tore mine walking up some steps (the first time) and again taking about five steps on level ground. My doctor didn’t do surgery, saying the rehab is many times quicker without it. And yes, it can be medically induced by certain antibiotics. I had been on one.

The one thing we knew couldn’t happen this season is rearing its head. We’ve lost our best cornerback to injury and now the best (most experienced) receiver, arguably the best defensive player and best offensive player. Arguably. I can make a case for Cornelius being the best offensive player, not based so much on talent, but based on his experience among all the inexperienced receivers. He sure seems snake-bit.