when will insiders

give us their season projections?

i will give mine, we will have 6 to 7 win regular season. optimistic i know, and has been the case, that optimism crushed early in past years. ole miss game critical. possible sec wins, ole miss, mississippi state, kentucky, and missouri. might not be favored in any sec game.

I’ll second your season projection.

I love drinking my kool-aide while wearing my rose colored glasses.

Judging by our recruiting and improved QB situation (I’m a big believer in KJ), my prediction is that this will be the first of a long string of non-losing seasons.

I do mine week of first game. That’s my timeline every year. Not going to change now.

Sure hope you are right. I am not as optimistic today as I was 6 months ago after signing day. I think the reality of just how down we are has finally hit me. I hope I am just being a “doom and gloom” kind of guy. I am thinking 4 to 5 wins. 6 would be WONDERFUL. But I just don’t see two SEC wins on this schedule. God forbid we lose one of the non-conference games.

The injuries to the O Line, where we are so weak anyway have me really worried as well.

No need for me to wait on the prediction…5 wins, including one SEC win, hopefully against Ole Miss. That is where we are now…hoping for 5 measly wins and maybe one conference win. The days of wine and roses are long gone.

I’m going with 5-7 right now. That’s as optimistic as I can bring myself to be. However, I think it’s possible we’re better than that & could, with a little luck, win as many as 7. I don’t think that’s likely, but it’s possible. I’d be pretty happy at 6-6. 4-8 is an improvement, but not enough to make me happy. However, I’m not going to measure this season simply by wins and losses. I’m going to judge it in large part by how we compete in games we lose. If we’re close in 9+ games going into the 4th quarter & aren’t humiliated by anyone, I’ll content myself with knowing we’re making progress. If we somehow only win 3, I’ll be very discouraged about the future.

If we are fortunate, no major or multiple injuries then I
am believing we finish either 7-6 or 8-5, maybe 9-4.

Too much talent in all our skill positions not to have a
huge step ahead of last year. Talent at QB, WR, RB, TE
is impressive.

Our lack of depth at CB is a concern; however, we have serious quality with our younger guys.

When the hay is in the barn.

What I wouldn’t give for you to come back in November or December, link this post, and say, “I told you so.”

I’ll toss out my one for the record the week of the first game, but I am holding at 5-7 right now.

Save this entire thread for after the season to show everyone how happy they should be when our Hogs exceed these previous dire predictions (and those to follow)! Let’s see now, most everyone expects us to win the 4 nonconference games, and most name an SEC foe that they think we can beat. Well, don’t you think that these Hogs will pull off at least one unexpected win (possibly from one of the teams that is looking past them)? My prediction, including our bowl game, is for a final tally of 7-6.

I have not made a prediction and won’t for two weeks. But most who I know in our business are saying five or six wins. I have not heard anyone say just four. But no one in the SEC is ever easy.

Because no one in the SEC is ever easy (it goes both ways), that means that we will not be easy for our SEC opponents, especially Ole Miss, UK, Miss St, and Mizzou. Our four 4-star WR recruits added to that room, new QBs, another year in the system, and better depth all around should make seven wins a real possibility, six attainable without devastating injuries.

I think the days of wine & roses (again) are still ahead. Sooner than later.

I’ve said five or six wins and I’ll stick with it.

I have no doubt that the roster is tremendously improved. But the problem is, we are in the SEC. None of our conference opponents are exactly sitting still. I suspect our talent level is still in the bottom third. That is not meant as a slam against Morris. I totally support him and his staff. I think he is exactly the type of coach we need. Long term.

I think we all should HOPE for 6-7 wins. But not EXPECT that total.

That Ole Miss game is huge.

And put me down as someone that does NOT like huge games in week 1 or 2. Might . be nice for fans. But it doesn’t help to BUILD A TEAM. Those early easier games really help a program like ours…aka not predicated on just “out-talenting” (yes I made that a verb) people.

And Ole Miss is thinking the same thing. So, I think turnovers and simple execution will be the key to that game… and perhaps is the reason why the staff is so focused on turnovers every practice right now (besides it being a big deal every game).

To your point though, we could be like my other alma mater, Georgia Tech, that gets to try out their new young coach at Clemson the FIRST week. Ouch!

Vegas has over/under at 6.5 wins.

I like to see that. Hopefully we can pull it off and get a bowl.