When we were a top 10 program...

We really hired Stan Heath. How preposterous is that now? Years of poor decisions.

It has been miserable until CMA came back as the coach. This is just a horrible year! My hope is for him to get the hogs headed in the right direction next year.
This season is over. Even though there’s 5 conference games left.

The curse of John White lives on in both football and basketball.

We need to erase his name from our records to break the curse

I like him too, hope he gets another year, but after KY blows us out it’s gonna be hard to keep him… and no run of the mill criminal coach is going to get us where we want to be unfortunately it’s going to apparently take a big time criminal to do it. Gonna have to get dirty. Hate to see that.

And with our luck if we get dirty…the NCAA will decide to inforce their rules… :shock:

That would be exactly what happens

I can’t defend any of it. If they fire him it won’t be unjustified, particularly considering we don’t have much help on the way.

I honestly think the Perry flip was the latest in a series of killer events that’d have led to him not being able to get over the hump—some hisnfailf, ultimately, and some not.

Having said all that I can compartmentalize and still, I think, validly have separate, legitimate disgust at the state of the game.

Tonight is a perfect example. It was a 2-hour love fest for one of the sleaziest coaches in the game.

And, the Twitterverse was abuzz wringing its hands over one of the annointed blowing out his shoe made by the annointed shoe company and the annointed program.

https://deadspin.com/darren-rovell-is-a … 1832774175

We are awful and there isn’t much hope in sight. Meanwhile the rich literally and figuratively get richer.

I’m an idiot for caring and letting it bother me.

I just wonder how many HC’s may end up in federal court facing charges before it’s all said and done. Can they still coach as a convicted felon?
I don’t want a crimson as our coach. Bruce Pearl may be looking good to some folks but he may end up in stripes when the dust clears out of the FBI case.

Right now, the team is an ill prepared disaster and you have to put the blame on CMA and his staff. The future looks bleak…again you have to look at CMA and his staff. So the AD has every justification to fire him. However, who’s out there to hire that’s any better than CMA? Very few…so I believe that CMA gets another year.

For most of the year, I’ve argued with the “Fire Mike” crowd. Several on here have, but the second half of the Miss St game and the first half tonight makes me wonder if Mike has lost the team, if he has, he may not get next year. Kids giving up on the coach is a done deal, another year won’t help. We will find out if they’ve packed it in on Sat. Another awful performance like the last two games and we may need to start over.

You maybe right, but I expect that we’ll play much better against Kentucky. If we don’t, I’ll be ready to throw in the towel. Sad times right now when your two major programs suck.

Mike is family and it will hurt if he is let go, even if he was not one’s first choice when he was hired. He became first choice after he was hired. I don’t know the answer, but I don’t think his staying or going is or should be a referendum on cheating. To assume that all is well if we had the recruits that we lost under less than clean recruiting is to ignore the numerous issues of this team.