When we lose Saturday to W. KY

What will be different on this board than today? Are there people on here remaining quiet that support this coach that will then speak up? Or will this board look the same as it does today?

Is there anyone on this board that honestly believes we will win this weekend, with what we’ve seen so far this season? Please tell me why you think we will win.

I think CCM has lost the team so we will probably lose. With that said it is WKU so I don’t think it’s an impossibility. I think it will be a close game similar to SJSU.

I think we’ll win simply because he’ll be playing the young guys. The look of the entire team was different when Hicks and Starkel were not in the game. Clearly the players feel they have a better chance to win with they’re not the QB’s.

He better be playing the young guys :slight_smile:

You bring an interested point - something he should be doing. I guess I have no confidence, based upon what I have seen, that he will do what he should or “better be” doing. This team is more than capable of beating W. KY., but the staff is the handicap.

I think, with the recent “UCA beat W KY” posts, we fans and message board posters think, geez, even Morris can beat them. This is not the same W KY that UCA beat. Storey didn’t see the field in that game. Storey, as a starter was 4-0 in his first 4 games. He’s now lost 2 close games to FAU and Marshall. Those 2 are tied for 1st in the division. Storey also beat UAB, the 2nd best team in the East division, to LA Tech, who’s probably the best team in Conf USA.

In short, we are playing one of the 4 best teams in Conf USA with Storey at QB. CCM has not shown that he’s capable of beating a relatively good non-power 5 D-1 football team. I believe it’s going to be a nail-biter, and Morris has also shown he doesn’t know how to win a close game.

If we are not as fired up about the game as W KY, we certainly stand a chance to lose this game. It is anything but a gimme.

Until WKU can prove otherwise, I’ll say we can win. And I’ll support the coach as long as he’s here.

General, I agree 100% with your post. We definitely can win this game. I also hope we somehow win these last 3 games (well, LSU’s not likely). At the same time, I worry about our being as “fired up and ready” as WKU will be. Storey had 3 INTs his last game. If he does that, we definitely can win.

I think we’ll win because even with our talent issues, we should have much more talent than WKU. However, I also think you make a good point about CCM having lost the team. I don’t think there’s much other way to explain the lopsided nature of the MSU loss. If he has lost the team, that’s another factor in deciding whether we should bite the bullet & find someone else. Unfortunately, that’s not an easy task. We don’t know if the next guy will be any better.

Depending on who starts at QB can make a huge difference in the game as well. Starkel and Hicks, though I appreciate their putting on the uniform and representing us, their time is done and I only want to see JSJ or Jefferson(preferrably Jefferson). Even if Jefferson has a short playbook to work with, we all saw how he energized the offense and lead the team. We need that in a bad way at the moment.

I don’t know about him losing the team but the defense got smacked in the mouth to start the game and never recovered. I thought that maybe after we scored the defense would buck up a bit but alas they did not. I do think there was noticeable difference in the demeanor of the team, defense included, when Jefferson and Jones were playing. I think they felt hope… but of course that’s just my take and may have no basis in reality.

Didn’t someone say the KY playbook for their WR/QB was only like three plays (9 if you count going left, right, up the middle as different plays)

Not sure. But if we “Remember the Titans” the game with only 6 plays, I don’t care as long as we win.

I also want JSJ or Jefferson but we need to remember starting a game and coming off the bench down 30 or so will be a totally different scenario. But if we lose I want it to be with our young guys who have years left to play. WPS

I really think with JSJ and KJ playing from the opening snap it will inspire the defense! If the offense can sustain some drives and put TD’s on the scoreboard and not FG’s!
This is really sad when we are worried a game against any non conference opponent especially one that’s not in a P5 conference. Of course we have lost plenty of those games in the past few years.

I suspect the board will remain largely unchanged, regardless of the OUTCOME of Saturday’s game.

The Give CM More Time camp will see the young talent playing well (win or lose), thereby offering hope for 2020 and beyond.

The Fire CM Now camp will have no change in position, win or lose. (A win over WKU will mean nothing; a WKU loss is no more damning than the one to SJSU.)

i felt like the players were visibly pumped during the KJ drive. The energy increased 10x when he walked on the field and 100x after first play… felt like a diff team…

I think Coach Morris and team wins big.

Even a bad program occasionally beats a smaller program the way it should.

But in the end, I’m not sure beating Western Kentucky says much for a top 20 historic program by several standards.

IF we lose Saturday, I think, like many have said, Coach will be fired this weekend. So, those of us that support Coach Morris (because he IS the Coach) will get ready to support the next guy.

Contrasting question: What will the “fire him now” crowd be like on this board when we win Saturday. My guess… no different. One sign that things aren’t going well at all is when a faction of the fan base actually hopes we lose so their desire for a new coach can be expedited.

We are bad right now. Really bad. In many areas. Whoever coaches this team in 2020 won’t fix all the problems for that season. It will take year after year of good recruiting coupled with good coaching and player development to be good again (I suspect we will have a pretty good OL in a few years when these young guys keep developing, for example).

I realize the “good coaching” element of the equation is the key concern for many. I have my doubts as well, in the current staff. But, I honestly believe that the fastest track that will get Razorback football back to the place it should be is for time to prove that Chad Morris is indeed the coach that at least some thought he was 2 years ago when he was hired. Do you already have enough evidence to conclude he isn’t? Can you afford to wait much longer to find out? I have no idea… that’s why I’m glad I’m not Hunter Yurachek.

All I know is Chad Morris is our Coach now and, so, I support him. Just like I did the ones before him (including BP, who was someone I rooted against every week when he was at Louisville, and didn’t shed one tear for him when he left us).

I agree with a lot of what you said. In fact, I’ve said it before. I can’t say I support this coach, but I do support our program…in a lot of ways. I would say I’m “die hard”, even if I have criticisms. And, I know people don’t always agree with the way I show my support, nor do I agree all the time with the way they show theirs. I believe I can support a program without supporting the coach. Not everyone has to support the President to love his country!

I struggle a lot with what I can do as a fan to help this program. I’ve heard all the arguments for this or that to help the program. I’ve seen 5 coaches come through this program in my adult life for comparison purposes. I also understand the hole we are in and the hill we must climb to see hope.

Where you and I differ, I think, is I have seen enough evidence, last year and this, to firmly believe CCM cannot get it done here, and each day, and each game he coaches will only make that hole deeper for the next coach. There are other factors to consider, those that I have no knowledge of because I’m not a BOT or AD or Director of the Foundation, that impact how we make this decision. But, I believe the decision has been made. He will not be the future of this program. Supporting him, in my mind, does not help the program. It hurts it.

The powers need to know that we are willing to go through with this tough decision, as making it, may make things worse before they get better (though I can’t imagine how they could get any worse than if CCM keeps coaching here). I’m willing to suffer through that. That will be temporary compared to where we are currently headed.

You still have hope for this weekend. CCM gave me hope when there’s been no mention of Hicks and Starkel. That’s a huge start for hope. I’ve heard all the reasons that have us where we are. But this is bad and getting worse. I said a week ago, if CCM, Craddock and Chavis are running this game Saturday, there’s no possible way we win. If KJ is running it, well, we have a chance.

My take on the coaching situation is this, If we win the lawsuit against Bieliema then we can afford to fire CM and move on if we don’t he gets another year by replacing both coordinators.