When was the last time

Arkansas (in any sport) signed four or more recruits from the same high school for the same recruiting season/year? And second question…from out of state?

I can’t think of any.


You got me.

2008 Warren High School

  1. Jarius Wright
  2. Basmine Jones (signed, but don’t think he played at UA, think he played for ASU)
  3. Greg Childs
  4. Chris Gragg


Good catch! That’s four who signed. I thought of Warren but forgot about Basmine Jones.

How about out of state?


Basmine could’nt qualify.

Not quite the answer you are looking for, but your question reminded me that in the mid 1980’s, we signed 3 players out of the same Stuttgart class…Odis Loyd, Reggie Hall and Kerry Owens. And all of them made significant contributions during their careers.

Aloha Wiz,

Another good catch! Y’alls memories astound me.


Are we not counting the Springdale 5 (we got four)? Or did we all just block that out…

Damian Williams
Mitch Mustain
Andrew Norman
Ben Cleveland

Interesting topic. Is there a reason for it that applies to current day?

Didn’t forget them, the question was when was the last time we signed 4 from the same school. The Springdale bunch was before the Warren crew.

Plus the Warren crew accomplished more as Razorbacks.

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Well that was the last time all 4 made it on campus, albeit briefly! :grin:

And I’m partial to the Lumberjacks as well.


Possible signings for football 2022 with four players from same school.


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