When was the last time

We won and Oklahoma and Texas lost on the same day? Quite honestly, I think Miss Stake actually sucks. We played like crap today offensively and still won. The Air Raid will not work in the SEC. I’m very glad for the win, but Briles needs to get his guys playing like Odom’ s guys. We might actually have something if that happens.


It takes a while for an offense to sync, especially playing with a QB who hadn’t played in a while until last week and without Boyd and Burks, arguably our best two offensive players, for most of the game. We’ll get there.

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Probably the late 90s when OU and Texas were both down and we were good those two years.

I don’t think you’d get any argument from anybody about those 2 being our best 2 offensive players. IMO, there’s no doubt they are. If they can come back 100% this week, I believe we’ll have a great chance of beating Auburn in our next game.

Our most important single player to our offense though is probably Franks, because we just don’t have a back-up ready to take over the reins this season.

It was Sept. 17, 2016, when Arkansas defeated Texas State, Oklahoma lost to Ohio State, and Texas lost to California.


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