When was the last time Arkansas won back to back bowl games

Can anyone tell me.

2014-2015 under Bielema.

Before that… never.

The Hogs actually won three bowls in a row, starting with the 2012 Cotton Bowl win over Kansas State (under Petrino), the 2014 Texas Bowl win over Texas, and the 2016 Liberty Bowl win over Kansas State.

They have now won six of their last eight bowl games.


True but not in consecutive seasons. We also won bowls in the 75 and 77 seasons with no bowl in 76.

True on Belima, until Pittman. That just amazing of all the great coaches Arkansas have had, only Belinma and Pittman have won back to back bowl games.

And we blew a 24-0 halftime lead in one of the two losses.

. Actually, it was 14 & 16 even though it’s back to ban as you stated.

The Texas Bowl was on Dec 29, 2014 and the Liberty Bowl was Jan 2, 2016. I think that was the only time in history until Pittman.

Before that… never.

The Liberty Bowl game was played in January 2016 but it concluded the 2015 season. I don’t differentiate over a couple of days…

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Interesting…past FB, who would the football world consider a great coach? Maybe Holtz (tho i dont).

Depends on how one defines “great”

I dont know what is opposite of great, but may be easier to ID those coaches.

Well, I’d put Chad Morris at the top of the “opposite” list

Ole Left Lane, Hammerdown, Pop the Clutch

That infamous, at least to me, Belk Bowl is exactly the reason I didn’t consider the Liberty Bowl this week over until it truly was over. Arkansas was on pace in 2016 to have 3 straight seasons of improvement. If we win at Missouri with our 24-7 halftime lead, and beat Virginia Tech with a 24-0 halftime lead we finish the year 9-4. For anyone to say “those are big if’s”, they were not at all. At that point, you have a better than 90% chance of winning both. And we freaking blow both of them. That started our 2nd period of dark ages in football in the decade. Three more years of horrific football.

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The memory of that night did occur to me as well. I missed the second half of VT because I was in BWA that night watching us lose our SEC opener to the Wallets, but I remembered being 24 up and losing. Darn near did it 25 up Wednesday night.

A big difference to me is against VT we blew the game. Against Kansas, the officials tired to take it. We should have won by 15.


Not Arkansas but Michigan has lost their last 6 straight bowl games.

SEC 10-1 playoffs
Big 10 2-6. They lost more yesterday than SEC has in 9 years.

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