When the @&$# will we make an announcement?

I don’t even care who the HC is anymore, we need to get the ball rolling. How the heck do we get a 3 week head start and can’t get a HC hired? Hire Kevin Kelley for alll I care, but make a hire!!! The time to wait is over

HY may coach the team…/ more $$$ for him.

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I think it’ll be tonight, possibly tomorrow. Now might be a good time to track tail numbers.

They have already blown off the first phase of the recruiting period so at this point it does not really make that much difference as there is a required dead period coming up. The Arkansas kids who sign with this dysfunctional program are going to sign no matter who is the coach. The out of state kids are likely a lost cause. Maybe they can find something in the second recruiting period and utilize the transfer portal. At this point the highest priority is trying to keep what they have as I expect a lot of transfers if this new hire is not extremely persuasive.

If it’s Drinkwitz, there won’t be any interview/negotiations until this afternoon, at the earliest. Probably no final word (or no comment at all if turned down) before late this evening or tomorrow sometime.

If it were going to be Lunney, they would have already announced. It may still end up being Barry, but if so it will be later in the week (or month) after several targets have all turned us down.

Major hit to salvaging the recruiting class if it goes on past this coming week.

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