When the "Troll Du Jour" gets panicky, that is a good sign........................

…that things are about to get and/or are getting better. With Chad Morris having committed the top rated wide receiver class in the nation, on the verge of having the top defensive end class in the nation with yet another 4 star committing there this weekend, utilizing the tight end brilliantly against Bama (giving rise to the expectation that the top tight end in America, Hudson Henry, may also choose the Hogs), and the significantly improving play on offense and defense against the best teams we will play this year… Trolls can get panicky, especially our latest Troll of the Day, little elmo.

Gus Malzahn, our first choice for CBB’s replacement and one of the many coaches elmo prefers to Chad, appears to have been prophetic when he said earlier in the year that it takes 5-6 games for his and Chad’s type of offense to begin to jell in our type of situation. Saturday, they moved the ball early against the best defense in the SEC, Bama’s first team defense, and they moved the ball late against probably the 4th or 5th best defense in the SEC, Bama’s second team defense. The play calling is getting better because the plays they can make are getting more numerous as the offense gets more comfortable. The team, despite the record, is still playing hard and there is obvious improvement in play in the O-line, receiving corps, and at quarterback. The defense struggled against Bama’s offense, but who doesn’t this year? They played hard, right up to the top of their ability, but better playmakers will make plays. The rest of the schedule will not be on Bama’s level.

So, if a Troll wants to campaign for us to immediately fire the coach he hates, he tends to go into a frenzy when it appears he might run out of things to hate with in the second half of the season. Don’t be upset, true Hog fans, with little “e” and his lame flurry of repetitive, “I hate Chad and you should too” hissy-fits. Thank the little “e” for his confirmation that things ARE going to be better real soon. Like the swallows coming to Capistrano, little “e” panicking is a sure sign that good times are just around the bend. JMVVVVVVHO

PS: I started to point out that “Troll Du Jour” can mean “Village Idiot” so elmo wouldn’t have to look it up but I wanted to try not to sink to elmo’s level.

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Are you poking the troll and trying to get him to respond?

The best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them and NOT respond.

Yes…and the resident Troll must be thrilled w the responses of this board.


I am hoping for a committ from the five star tight end, Hudson Henry, on Thursday and then an upset of Ole Miss on Saturday to put elmo curled up in a fetal position sucking his thumb, permanently.

You won’t have to worry about the troll du jour any more.

Did he go too far again or just give up?

Too far

Watch out for a new poster named oscarthegrouch