When the 3 point rule came about

I supported it 100%. However, I think changes are in order now.

First, corner and top of key shots should not be 3 points, they are the easiest of normal shots.

So I think the 3 point line should be moved back at least 3 feet in college and six in he NBA.

Basketball has become a game of threes and slam dunks. The original skills are being left behind in favor of a TV type game.

Everything evolves for the better. Just because there are “original” skills doesn’t mean we have to maintain them. What if the 3 pt rule came first?

The ball is different, the basket is different, the backboard is different, the environment is different, the shorts are different, the shoes are different, the gameplay format is different. But let’s focus on the 3pt. line and the dunks because those are least exciting parts of basketball now… c’mon man!

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If you move it back three feet there will be no such thing as a corner three. A corner 3 in the NBA is still 22 feet; it isn’t a layup. With the new college line, a corner three is 21-8. The NBA line would be 29-9 at the top of the circle under your proposal.

Exactly what is wrong with the current line? That the players make it too often? It serves its purpose, which is to decrease congestion in the lane and give people room to penetrate the lane. The NBA thinks that’s so important that not only do they have the arc, they have three-seconds calls on defenders who camp out in the paint.

Remember the original college line was 19-9, the one that Scotty and Al Dillard played with,. Basically what we have now is a lot of people who shoot like Al Dillard. And the line has been pushed back almost three feet since then in response.

Bob, I agree it has changed the game. The NBA in the 60’s was built on great centers and everybody being near the basket Now, you watch the game and nobody is near the basket. It is odd. A guy like Jimmy Whitt is a rarity…a guy with a nice mid-range game.

Anyone for a 4 point shot from beyond 30 feet? That does exhibit great skill and adds excitement and strategy to the game? Pistol Pete Maravich who averaged around 44 points a game for LSU could have gone for maybe 60 per game. He was a freak ahead of his time about 50 years.

I do think most of the changes in basketball have been both good and necessary Surely the four corner offense was horrible to watch

However, all changes have not been as good as some. I do think the corner shot should be two point shot and is it me or have most young kids forbotten what a foul shot is as the percentage made has gone down considerably Ironically I think the ladies shoot fouls shots better and I assume most boys do not worry about them so they do not practice them like the old days.

Overall, I see much more skill with players today than in the past but the game itself to me anyway is not as exciting as it would be if the three point line was moved.

Also I see the defensive player gets called when they are set and the offensive guy has free reign these days.

I agree the game is no where near what it was in my youth. The best team of the 50’s would get killed by an average team today

It was supposed to change the game. That was the point. When the ABA adopted the three ball in the 60s, the stated purpose was to take away some of the advantage of the tall trees by opening up the floor for smaller guys to score and increasing offensive opportunities. It has certainly done both.

have most young kids forbotten what a foul shot is as the percentage made has gone down considerably

Free throw shooting isn’t that bad. It has hovered around 70 percent NCAAwide for decades, before and after the three was introduced. Couldn’t complain much about the foul shooting last night by either team. If not for Cylla laying three bricks, the two teams would have combined to shoot over 90 percent.

And I can’t tell you how many games our “good” free throw shooting teams have lost over the years because we bricked one and ones late. The double bonus was a very good change to stop that procession to the foul line late in games.

We’re shooting 76.3 percent from the line, by the way. That would be the second highest in school history (third place was the 2017 Hogs, BTW), and if Cylla doesn’t brick three last night it would be equal to the school record. Which does not exactly support your belief that free throw shooting has gone to Helena handbasket since the arc was introduced.

Pepperdine is shooting 83% as a team, which would be an NCAA record if maintained.

I like it just fine as it is. About the only change I can think of that I’d change about the game is that I’d add a few seconds back to the shot clock. Even that’s not that big a deal to. me.

Thanks, Swine for the info you often provide. That’s what I am a member of this Board for, to get good information about the Hogs. Oh, and I had a Helena handbasket once. Lost it between Wabbaseka and Pine Bluff!

I would like to see the game moved to 4 quarters. Shoot 2 free throws after 5 fouls per quarter. Fouls reset after each quarter.

Also freedom of movement has helped some but has also gave the offense too much of advantage. If you going to call all the arm bars and hand checks you should also call all the push offs on the offense. Even though I love when they don’t call it on Mason…lol

As an OLD official, I really hate the advantage given to the offensive player on block charge and lack of player control fouls. Seems if there is any doubt at all, it goes to the offense. If you don’t know, don’t call it or perhaps, even a double foul. I tended to “let them play”, especially if no advantage was gained.

BB sure ain’t like it was in the 50s-60s is it? Maybe we should give 1 point for a 3 point shot that hits the rim but doesn’t go in and subtract 1 point if a “3” hits the backboard but not the rim off the bounce, etc. And we can give 4 points for a swish “3” and 5 points a made half court shot… Might take 4 hours to play a game and get refs who can count and subtract, etc. :slight_smile:

I only watch college ball, but I absolutely hate the way offensive guards tend to use their non-dribbling arm, like a rhinoceros horn, to fend away the defenders.

In fact, I often see the defenders called for a foul when they “touch” the leading arm; that’s absurd. I noticed it a lot in the recent LSU game; and not by us.

Let’s leave all the lines where they are but start playing with a 5 pound ball. That’ll get this game back to what Dr. Nesmith had in mind!

I’ve thought for quite some time that the goal should be moved up to 11 feet.

Remember ladies use smaller ball. Lot easier to put a smaller ball through the hole. Remember how many of men’s free throws look like they are going in, but spin out?

I want to make the 3 point line retroactive back to the 70’s and see what Marvin Delph and Ron Brewer would have averaged and how many more games we would have won.

I’ll offer you a fix for the NBA game that will make it more palatable again.

Bring back hand checking.

The NBA game was unwatchable when the Pistons were beating the crap out of everyone. No thanks.

Bring back hand checking—not the Bill Lambier clothesline.

The NBA is still unwatchable. Now the Russell Celtics. that was different.