When should we know something?


When do you think some real news will be available (If only knowing that certain coaches are unavailable)?

Great question. Actually I throw a bunch at Mark Few he only makes about 1.3. then just get if Few says NO to everybody AGAIN—Get—Musselman… Move on…


After Gonzaga loses, our HC will be named.

I’ve been drinking brown liquor :sunglasses:

Why stop there? We should offer Coach K.

There is a lot of Twitter activity that we have a deal with Sampson. I believe even Mike Irwin is reporting it.

Not an Insider, but I would assume next Friday/Saturday. Most sports shows will be talking about college basketball on those two days. So, it would be a good time to officially announce.

I’m guessing us one here will start hearing really loud rumors on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Just a guess

I’m not seeing anything from Irwin, I saw the original poster (supposedly a news guy from Pine Bluff). Nick Mason retweeted him and said it wasn’t true. I just pmd one of the insiders on here about the Pine Bluff reporter, they said they hadn’t heard of him.

The other guy saying something says he is an intellectual mind with vast resources, and he’s from Hogville

Checked the Houston Chronicle website, which generally knows what is going on at UH. Latest thing they have is the school prez hoping they can keep him, and details of the offer ($3 mill per for six years). That, and the nepotism clause (hire Sonny Boy when Dad retires) and they may just keep him. I really hope HY is not going to stoop to hiring Sonny Boy in advance.

Is this site legit?


Look at the guys other tweets. It’s BS and satire. Some of it is a little amusing.

You’re saying the link I posted is satire? It doesn’t appear to be a satire site.

Let’s hope not.

I was talking about the Pine Bluff guy on Twitter. Getting the threads mixed up.

I’m guessing Monday or Tuesday

Announcing the hire, or signed,sealed,and delivered?

No one in their right mind announces a hire without it being signed, sealed, and delivered. You may formally sign later but the deal is done before you announce.

Unless your name is Altman :twisted:

They sprung something on him that was not part of the deal and he walked. I sure would like to know what that was.

I don’t know how true this is, but I’ve seen some other reporters on other sites say that Altman and White went to lunch. White spoke to him about the grades/grad rates. Altman, said I’ll get my team in here and we will fix it. White’s reply was who said you could bring in your guys? Then turned his back to Altman and refused to speak to him the rest of the lunch.

Again, that is being stated by reporters on other sites, I know Dudley has info, maybe he’d like to clear that particular story up.

Would love to hear about this also… DD?