When should we get info on the weather?

I’m coming up for the week-end. Baseball Friday, basketball (1994 celebration) & baseball Saturday (if not cancelled). I assume Sunday will be impossible for baseball (or even driving most of the day), so I’ve cancelled my Saturday overnight. You think they will schedule a double-header Fri or Saturday? Should we hear something today? Thanks

There will be a doubleheader Friday beginning at 1. Saturday’s game is still on for 3, although the weather looks like it might be difficult to play it.

There was a little ice on the hill this morning. Not good baseball weather! I hope it warms up soon.

Thanks Matt. That’s great. I can just come up a little earlier and catch both games Friday. How does that work with the tickets? Do you use both Fri and Sat tickets when you first come in Friday? Then if there is a game Saturday, do you use Saturday’s ticket or Sundays?

Friday’s ticket will get you into both games of the doubleheader. Saturday’s ticket is good for Saturday. If you have a single-game ticket for Sunday, you can exchange it for another regular-season game. If they are season tickets, then that ticket is no good anymore.