when should new turf be installed

this is grass growing season, at least in my yard. it would seem to me that they would want grass to be planted early to take root, but what do i know. in the camera of turf farm, not much grass growing. how early will they need to have it planted so they can practice and then play on the new field? what is the schedule?

The grass is being grown on a sod farm in Memphis. It will be brought to Fayetteville near the end of July.

It’ll take just fine in late July early August.

Worked for a grass farm pretty much since I was 16 until this last year (thank god). I’ve laid grass just about every month of the year, even when it’s been below freezing. It always ends up taking. But, in July/August with a little rain, it’ll root within 2 weeks pretty solid. Just have to have it soaked really hard for a few days, but I’m sure the schools grass guys know a lot more about it than I do.

I believe they are supposed to be using a Bermuda grass in the stadium. It’ll take really quick, they are aggressive. My favorite, personally.

It’s a new variety, Tahoma 31. They will cut it under the “plastic” that it’s growing on, which will enable it to be basically ready to be played on. They sprigged the first side about 2 weeks or so before the weather let them sprig the remainder. It’ll come ready for play.

I’m hoping that, unlike last year, the team will come ready for play.

Hey, we can only control the turf and the weather, lol…

I just put sod in my front yard, or what my wife considers our front yard. It’s just a little area of zoysia that’s around a fire pit. The sod farm folks asked me to wait a bit to lay it. Now this is different stuff than bermuda. But the lady at the front desk gave me a little sheet that explained how it would develop. The later in the summer, the quicker it hooks up to the base layer of top soil. After July 1, it takes three weeks. Warm nights do the trick. It’s pretty quick for bermuda. So it will be inside of three weeks at that point of the summer.

I put in the sod 3 1/2 weeks ago. I went over it lightly with an electric weedeater yesterday. I’ve soaked it every day, or at least on the days it hasn’t rained. It looks awesome.

That’s what has been explained here for this process for the last two months. I know it’s still hard for some to understand why you don’t put it down now. Basically, you let the sod farm handle it and that’s what they have instructed the UA to do.

Had to google that, never seen or heard of it.

But like all Bermuda’s they pretty much look about the same lol.

They’ll be cutting that pretty thick then. I’m ready to see it on the field.
Hopefully I’ll be able to make a game this year in Fayetteville, but I highly doubt I will.

Zoysia is a good looking grass.

I hated laying it because it was so dang heavy. Bermuda was light as a feather compared to it.

I called it plastic, but it’s on a matrix that allows for quick installation and the ability to be “play ready” in less than two weeks. They’ve laid it and played on it the next day in baseball.

I hope the sod farm is on high ground.