When it rains it pours

There’s a mumps outbreak at the UA. Hearing at least two players have confirmed cases. Told there could be more.

Keep them away from basketball team

Might want get second opinion, could be the lumps from the Tigers last night.

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And we have battled an outbreak of the flu here in West Monroe this week! We’ve struggled to advance this week with over 700 kids out with it at West Monroe high, and we had about 17 players out with it.

Need to get those with the mumps to go hang around the athletic dorms in Columbia this week😎. Might break our streak of SEC losses. Nah, that wouldn’t be fair.


We are just steps away from locusts and famine.

Let my Razorbacks go.

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I see what you did. :joy::joy::joy:

With all the pouring around here since 2012 we need an Ark - perhaps an Armada of them.

And a pirate at the helm?

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I’m ashamed I didn’t think of that!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Mumps, locust, famine or Leach. All sound unappealing to me.


Told several players missed last night’s practice. Will be interesting who’s missing from the travel squad.

Expecting some starters to be missing tomorrow. Hard to imagine a more trying year in Razorback history.

Due to illness or quitting?

No quitting.

Leach would know how to handle scurvy and beriberi. Vitamin C for scurvy. Vitamin B-1 for the other. All good pirates know that. Mumps is different.


May be the post of the year

Im surprised were not hearing more on this? Who quit? Are they transfering out before the new coach is named? 2nd and 3rd string guys who are playing much? Seems wierd to quit 2 days before the last game

You misunderstood Richard, he said no one has quit.